Vampire: The Eternal Struggle

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Who's Who in the World
of Vampire: The Eternal Struggle

This is a collection of brief interviews with people that have been influential in the continuing health of Vampire: The Eternal Struggle. They may support the game online, on the tournament scene, or regionally in real life. For the most part, I will leave them to speak for themselves, but an occasional introduction may be given. This list of V:TES luminaries is in alphabetical order. If you know someone who should be on this list, email The Lasombra and I will consider it. This page was inspired by an interview that was done with me by Alexander Gyhlesten who used to host it on and Aaron Steele's V:TES Electronic Survival Guide neither of which is still online.

Greg Williams who runs the Ash Heap website hosts some interviews with players at

Aaron Steele

Adrian Sullivan

Andreas Nusser

Andrea Ravera

Andrew Davidson

Andy "Slytherin" Brown


Barny Baker

Ben Peal

Ben Spaulding

Ben Swainbank

Bernie Bresnahan

Carl Pilhatsch

Christian Chenard

Colin Riggs

Connor Bell



Daniel C. Martinez

Dave Bastijns

Dave Brereton

David Cherryholmes

David Hammond

David McCarty AKA Raille

David Tatu

David Vicente Vega

Derek Ray

Dominic Catanzariti

Eduardo Kazan

Eric Simon

Erik Torstensson

Ethan Burrow

Fabio Macedo

Francois Alix AKA Miller Delmardigan

Frank Moeller

Fred Scott

George Finklang

Gomi no Sensei

Halcyan 2

Itamar Gonçalves Jr.

Jared Strait

Jay Kristoff

J.A. Marbella AKA Yoritomo Jiriki

Jo Herroelen

Johannes Walch

John Bell

John Merton

John Newquist

Joshua Duffin


Kamel Senni

Karol Magda

L. Scott Johnson (LSJ)


Luis Duarte

Martin Cubberley

Matt Green

Matthew Heslin

Matthew Hirsch

Michael Eichler

Mike Nudd

Mónica Martins

Noal McDonald

Norman S. Brown, Jr.


Oscar Garza

Patrick O'Shea

Peter D. Bakija

Peter Oh

Peter Rophail

Pierre Rebstock

R. Brian Smith

R. David Zopf AKA Atom Weaver

Rafe Ball

Reyda Seddiki

Richard Garfield

Robert Goudie

Rob Treasure

Robyn Tatu

Rubén Vidaña Ramos

Salem Christ

Skaffen Amtiskaw


Stefan Ferenci

Sten During

Stephen "The Evil One" Buonocore

Steve Wieck

Stuart Pieloch

Szilan Fodor

The Lasombra

Tobias Op Den Brouw

Todd Banister

Trey Morita


Vasco Leiria

Wes Weston