Vampire: The Eternal Struggle

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This page will document links to artist's websites. These artists have all produced card art for Vampire: The Eternal Struggle at some point in the past. If there is an asterisk after the artist's name, there is art for sale on their website. If you know of another artist's website, or if one of these has been permanently taken down, email The Lasombra.

Abrar Ajmal

Doug Alexander

Rob Alexander

Brian Ashmore

Scott Bakal

Tom Baxa*

Edward Beard, Jr.*

Jason Behnke

Melissa Benson*

Peter Bergting

Rick Berry

John Bolton

Tim Bradstreet

Dennis Calero

Susan Van Camp*

Matt Cavotta

Becky Cloonan

Liz Danforth

Mike Danza

Talon Dunning

Steve Ellis

Max Shade Fellwalker

John Van Fleet

Dan Frazier

Randy Gallegos*

Michael Gaydos

Tom Gianni

Tony Harris

Fred Harper

David Ho

Fred Hooper

Quinton Hoover*
Sabbat Threat, The Rack, Delaying Tactics -

Heather Hudson*

Leif Jones*

Veronica V. Jones

Pat Kochakji

Cos Koniotis§ion=artwork

Heather Kreiter

Nicola Leonard

Gred Loudon

Larry MacDougal

Craig Maher

Thomas Manning

Rik Martin

John Matson

John McCrea

Patrick McEvoy

Heather McKinney

Harold Arthur McNeill

Jeff Menges*
Torn Signpost print -

Ken Meyer, Jr.

Jeff Miracola

Rebecca Guay Mitchell*

Monte Moore*

Ted Naifeh

Cliff Nielson

Terese Nielsen ttp://

William O'Connor*

Margaret Organ-Kean

Glen Osterberger

rk post

Steve Prescott*

Alan Rabinowitz

Arthur Roberg

Andrew Robinson

Christopher Rush

Zina Saunders

Douglas Schuler*

Dave Seeley

Christopher Shy

Dan Smith

Lawrence Snelly

Ron Spencer

Mark Tedin

Ne Ne Thomas

Andrew Trabbold

Drew Tucker

Chad Michael Ward

Amy Weber*

L. A. Williams

Matt Wilson

Kieran Yanner

Joe Ziolkowski

Last Updated February 16th, 2013 by The Lasombra