Vampire: The Eternal Struggle

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There are many web based forums and a Usenet newsgroup which you can use to discuss the game. There used to be an official mailing list, that is now announcement only.

The Vampire: Elder Kindred Network is the official players organization and hosts the most active discussion forum.

SorceryNet #VTES, is the IRC channel used for discussing V:TES.
Consider using the java app version hosted on,
if you aren't already using an IRC Chat Client.

There is a Yahoo! Group that is an announcement only mailing list for V:TES.

The White Wolf Forums has a tiny bit of discussion, mostly reposted announcements.

Here is a web-based forum frequented by players from the United Kingdom.

The Los Angeles Playgoup hosts a web-based discussion board.

Presence has a web-based discussion forum.

Spain hosts which has a vibrant discussion forum.

There are quite a few regional discussion groups available, find them on the Geography page.

Extrala has a more complete list of world-wide discussion forums.

V:EKN also hosts a list of world-wide discussion forums.

The original discussion group is the Usenet newsgroup If you don't normally use a newsreader program, you can still read and post to the newsgroup here. This forum had the largest group of people from around the world discussing the game's strategy, decks, future, past, rules, and more. It is the first place to look for historical answers to rules questions that aren't in the Official Card Text, Official Rulings, or the FAQ. There have been a number of Frequently Offered Clever Suggestions discussed on the Usenet newsgroup over the years, and this article attempts to cover them briefly. Don't know how to access/read/post to the newsgroup? Click here to be walked thru setting up Outlook Express as a newsreader or use the Google link included.

Peter D. Bakija has created a Usenet Newsgroup FAQ about

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