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A deck designed by The Lasombra

Inspired by Damnans

Deck Name : Lucita Embraces Her Camarilla Vitae Slave
Author : The Lasombra

Ideal turn:

Lucita employs a Camarilla Vitae Slave for +1 capacity.  (8-2= 6 blood)

Play Freak Drive. (6-1=5 blood)

Equip with Soul Gem. (5 blood)

Play Freak Drive. (5-1=4 blood)

Play Embrace. (4-2=2 blood)

Play Force of Will at superior for +2 bleed (2-1=1 blood) 
+1 aggravated damage

Play Conditioning at superior for +3 bleed (1-1=0 blood) 

Play Daring the Dawn at inferior to be unblockable by vampires 
+2 aggravated damage

Reincarnate with the Soul Gem.


Occasionally have an Embrace play Scrounging to replace the excess Soul Gems 
in hand with better cards.

Crypt [17 vampires] Capacity min: 8 max: 8 average: 8
12x Lucita     8  DOM FOR OBT cel pot   Lasombra:2
5x Lucita Adv  8  DOM FOR OBT cel pot   Lasombra:2

Library [90 cards]
Action [23]
  10x Embrace, The
  10x Force of Will
  3x Scrounging

Action Modifier [40]
  10x Conditioning
  10x Daring the Dawn
  16x Freak Drive
  4x Shadow Play

Combat [4]
  4x Shadow Body

Equipment [7]
  7x Soul Gem of Etrius

Master [5]
  2x Dreams of the Sphinx
  1x Elder Library
  1x Fragment of the Book of Nod
  1x Visit from the Capuchin

Retainer [11]
  11x Camarilla Vitae Slave

Crafted with : Anarch Revolt Deck Builder. [Sat Feb 16 19:46:08 2008]

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