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A deck designed by The Lasombra

Deck Name : Adonai Eyes Las Vegas
Author : The Lasombra
Description :
Played in the 2009 Las Vegas Continental Qualifier Tournament.
2 vps in 5 player game (tied, 2/2/1)
4 vps in 4 player game
2 vps in 4 player game
0.5 vps in finals

Crypt [12 vampires] Capacity min: 3 max: 8 average: 5.5
3x Dela Eden                        8  AUS FOR VAL cel dom   !Salubri:3
3x Adonai                           7  AUS VAL for           !Salubri:2
1x Remilliard, Devout Crusader      4  AUS pre               !Toreador:2
1x Richard Tauber, Ayelea's Pup     4  AUS tha               !Tremere:2
1x Thomas Steed, The Angry          4  ani aus val           !Salubri:2
1x Isabel de Leon                   3  AUS                   Toreador:2
1x Kervos, The Lieutenant           3  aus val               !Salubri:2
1x Zoe                              3  AUS cel obf           Malkavian:2

Library [90 cards]
Action [7]
  1x Abbot
  2x Anima Gathering
  4x Sense Death

Combat [25]
  4x Armor of Caine's Fury
  9x Blissful Agony
  7x Eye of Unforgiving Heaven
  5x Soak

Equipment [1]
  1x Bowl of Convergence

Master [14]
  4x Blood Doll
  2x Blooding by the Code
  1x Dark Influences
  1x Giant's Blood
  2x Guardian Angel
  3x Path of Retribution, The
  1x Smiling Jack, The Anarch

Reaction [42]
  3x Eagle's Sight
  3x Enhanced Senses
  4x Eyes of Argus
  6x Forced Awakening
  2x Forced Vigilance
  3x My Enemy's Enemy
  7x On the Qui Vive
  3x Precognition
  3x Telepathic Counter
  8x Telepathic Misdirection

Retainer [1]
  1x Mr. Winthrop

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