Ambrosius The Ferryman Takes Up Talbot's Chainsaw

Qty  Name			Title	Clan		Age	Disciplines
 1   Carlotta Giovanni		none	Giovanni	 7	do, NE, ob, PO
 2   Cristofero Giovanni	none	Giovanni	 3	ne, po
 2   Francesca Giovanni		none	Giovanni	 4	do, ne, po
 1   Gloria Giovanni		none	Giovanni	 4	DO, ne
 2   Mario Giovanni		none	Giovanni	 3	ne, po
 2   Rudolpho Giovanni		none	Giovanni	 3	NE
 2   Vittorio Giovanni		none	Giovanni	 5	do, fo, ne, po

Qty  Name			Type	Requires	Blood  Pool	Set   Rarity
11   Spectral Divination	act mod	necromancy	  1		 D	C
 2   Jar the Soul		action	necromancy			 D	C
 4   Whispers from the Dead	action	necromancy	  1		 A 	C
 5   Ambrosius, The Ferryman	ally	Giovanni		3	 A	R
 1   Leonardo, Mortician	ally	Giovanni		1	 D	U
 6   Boxed In			combat					 V	C
 2   Fake Out			combat					 V	C
 9   Spiritual Intervention	combat	necromancy			 D	C
 9   Thrown Gate		combat	potence				 V	C
 4   Talbot's Chainsaw		equipment			3	 V	R
 1   Barrens, The		master					 V	C
 1   Elder Library		master				1	 V	C
 3   Fame			master					 V	U
 1   Fragment of Book of Nod	master					 V	R
 1   Heidelburg Castle, Germany	master				2	 D	U
 1   Information Highway	master					 S	U
 1   Morgue Hunting Ground	master	Giovanni		2	 D 	C
 1   Parthenon, The		master				2	 A	V
 6   Tribute to the Master	master					 S	C
 4   Vast Wealth		master					 V	U
 4   Autarkis Persecution	pol act					 V	C
 3   Forced Awakening		react					 S	C
10   Zombie			retain	Giovanni	  1		 D	C

90 Total Library Cards		 6 action
				11 action modifier
				 6 ally
69 common			26 combat
11 uncommon			 4 equipment
10 rare				20 master
				 4 political action
				 3 reaction
				10 retainer

Game Environment: 90 card library limit, no card limit, post 9/28/98 RTR.

Terribly ineffective, unlikely to get a single victory point.
Great fun when it flows even for a turn.

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