Anson's Betrayers

Crypt = One of every single vampire in the game,
and two extra copies of Anson.
Qty Name Type Requires Pool Set Rarity
10 Bewitching Oration act mod presence S C
7 Bribes act mod V C
8 Voter Captivation act mod presence V U
7 Majesty combat presence V C
3 Preternatural Evasion combat celerity S C
6 Staredown combat presence S C
20 Betrayer master V R
1 Blood Doll master V C
3 Parthenon, The master 2 A V
12 Recruitment master 2 S C
10 Anarchist Uprising pol act S C
3 Telepathic Counter react auspex V C
90 Total Library Cards
25 action modifier
59 common 16 combat
11 uncommon 36 master
20 rare 10 political action
3 reaction
Game Environment: NCL, 90 card library limit,
post 12-6-99 RTR.

First turn, Recruit Anson. By the time you bring him out,
your prey will have at least one vampire out. Play a Recruitment
and then a Betrayer. Next turn play two more Betrayers. Now
you are bleeding your prey for between 2 and 4 pool per turn
just by playing a master card that costs you nothing but the
original Recruitment.
Sudden Reversal on the original Anson will Kill You.
Do everything you can to talk anyone who might consider
playing a Sudden Reversal that first turn, out of playing it.

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