Temptation of Greater Power

A Jyhad-Only Deck

Qty Name Age Title Clan
3 Don Cruez, The Idealist 10 Justicar Brujah
3 Anneke 10 Justicar Toreador
3 Anson 8 Prince Toreador
3 Democritus 10 Justicar Ventrue
Qty Name Type Requires Blood Pool Set Rarity
8 Bewitching Oration act mod presence J C
1 Entrancement action presence J R
7 Fifth Tradition: Hospitality, The action prince, justicar 1 J U
3 Fourth Tradition: The Accounting action prince, justicar 1 J U
12 Majesty combat presence J C
5 Kindred Society Games master Toreador J R
8 Minion Tap master J C
15 Temptation of Greater Power master Justicar 3 J R
1 Ancient Influence pol act J C
4 Conservative Agitation pol act J C
2 Dramatic Upheaval pol act J V
3 First Tradition: The Masquerade, The pol act prince, justicar J R
4 Kine Resources Contested pol act J C
10 Parity Shift pol act prince, justicar J V
3 Second Tradition: Domain, The react prince, justicar J U
4 Telepathic Misdirection react auspex 1 J C
90 Total Library Cards
11 action
8 action modifier
41 common 12 combat
25 uncommon 28 master
24 rare 24 political action
7 reaction

Game Environment: 90 card library limit, post 12/6/99 RTR.  
                  A Jyhad-only deck.

Anson is key to keeping this deck going.  Get Anson out and any 
of the Justicars, and the deck will roll along nicely.  Don't
forget to use the KRC's and Cons Ags to reduce your own pool
so that you may recoup it with the Parity Shifts.  You shouldn't
have any problem reducing your pool with the Temptations, and
the votes, and eventually, the deck rolls thru the table.
It probably needs more Majesties, and should remove the 
Fourth Traditions for them.
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