NAME                    CAPACITY  TITLE        DISCIPLINES
   Aaron Duggan                2   none        ot
2x Ignacio, the Black Priest   4   none        ot do po
   Ramiro                      4   none        ot do vi
2x Guido Lucciano              5   none        OT do ob
   Aurora Van Brande           6   none        OT do po fo
   Gratiano                    8   Priscus     OT DO po ob
   Alvaro                      9   Archbishop  OT do PO pr
   Antonio Delgado             9   Archbishop  OT DO PO th
2x Angelica, The Canonicus    10   Cardinal    OT DO PO ob ce
NAME                     QUANTITY   TYPE          REQUIREMENTS
Dominate Kine                  2    action        do/DO 2 blood
Mind Rape                      2    action        do/DO 2 blood
The Return to Innocence        2    action        4 blood
Command of the Beast           1    action mod.   do/DO
Conditioning                   3    action mod.   do/DO 1 blood
Seduction                      3    action mod.   do/DO
Shadow Play                    4    action mod.   ot/OT 1 blood
Shroud of Night                4    action mod.   ot/OT
The Sleeping Mind              1    action mod.   do/DO 1 blood
Arms of the Abyss              4    combat        ot/OT
Call the Lamprey               2    combat        ot/OT
Decapitate                     2    combat        po/PO 2 blood
Entombment                     4    combat        OT 2 blood
Shadow Body                    4    combat        ot/OT 1 blood
Shadow Step                    2    combat        ot/OT
Thoughts Betrayed              2    combat        DO 2 blood
Blood Doll                     3    master
Direct Intervention            3    master        1 pool
Elysian Fields                 1    master        2 pool
Festivo dello Estinto          2    master        1 pool
Giant's Blood                  1    master
Heidelburg Castle, Germany     2    master        2 pool
Information Highway            1    master
Minion Tap                     3    master
Political Hunting Ground       1    master        2 pool
Power Structure                1    master
Slave Auction                  1    master        1 pool
The Parthenon                  1    master        2 pool
Tomb of Ramses III             3    master        3 pool
Ancient Influence              1    political action
Banishment                     3    political action
Conservative Agitation         4    political action
Disputed Territory             1    political action
Domain Challenge               2    political action
Political Stranglehold         1    political action
Rumors of Gehenna              2    political action
Deflection                     4    reaction      do/DO 1 blood
Forced Awakening               2    reaction
Wake with Evening's Freshness  2    reaction
Camarilla Vitae Slave          3    retainer      2 blood
            Total Library     90

4 card limit.  90 card library limit. 
Probably my most consistent deck.  Gain blood from other people's
vampires.  RTI with other people's vampires.  Banish your prey
and then RTI.  Angelica, the Canonicus is essential to get
rid of extra master cards when your hand gets clumped.
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