Lasombra Sabbat War Toolbox

Qty Name Age Title Clan
1 Aaron Duggan, Cameron's Toady 2 none Lasombra
1 Alvaro, The Scion of Angelica 9 Archbishop Lasombra
1 Ambrosio Luis Moncada, Plenipotentiary 10 Cardinal Lasombra
1 Angelica, The Canonicus 10 Cardinal Lasombra
1 Antonio Delgado 9 Archbishop Lasombra
1 Aurora Van Brande, Paladin 6 none Lasombra
1 Cameron 3 none Lasombra
1 Francisco Domingo de Polonia 9 Archbishop Lasombra
1 Gratiano 8 Priscus Lasombra
1 Ignacio, The Black Priest 4 none Lasombra
1 Lucita 8 none Lasombra
1 Ramiro 4 none Lasombra
1 Talley, the Hound 6 none Lasombra
Qty Name Type Requires Blood Pool Set Rarity
1 Blanket of Night act mod obtenebration 1 W R
4 Private Audience act mod Sabbat title 1 W C
7 Shadow Play act mod obtenebration 1 W C
1 Shroud of Night act mod obtenebration W P
3 Eternal Vigilance action Sabbat title 1 W U
5 Govern the Unaligned action dominate 1 W P
2 Scouting Mission action dominate W C
5 Arms of the Abyss combat obtenebration W C
3 Oubliette combat obtenebration 1 W U
2 Shadow Body combat obtenebration 1 W P
7 Shadow Strike combat obtenebration 1 W C
5 Leather Jacket equip W C
4 Blood Doll master W P
1 Elysian Fields master Lasombra 2 W P
3 Minion Tap master W P
3 Path of Night, The master Lasombra 1 W U
1 Political Hunting Ground master Lasombra 2 W U
2 Power Structure master Lasombra W R
3 Sudden Reversal master W U
5 Banishment pol act D U
1 Blood Siege pol act Sabbat title W R
2 Dramatic Upheaval pol act V V
5 Deflection react dominate 1 W P
2 Delaying Tactics react V U
3 Forced Awakening react W C
4 Obedience react dominate S U
3 Redirection react dominate W C
3 Wake with Evening's Freshness react W P
90 Total Library Cards
13 action modifier
10 action
36 common 17 combat
24 preconstructed 5 equipment
26 uncommon 17 master
4 rare 8 political action
20 reaction

Game environment: 90 card library limit, no card limit, post Sabbat War release.

This deck was designed to be used in the first post Sabbat War tournament
in Austin, Texas. It took 1,2,0 victory points. I never needed the Delaying
Tactics - no one else called any votes. I wasn't able to use the Blood Siege -
the only game there was a prince on my table, I didn't get the card.

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