Nosferatu Princes

Qty    Name			Title	   Clan		Age	 Disciplines
 3     Murat			Prince	 Nosferatu	 7	 OB, PO, se
 3     Nikolaus Vermeulen	Prince	 Nosferatu	 7	 an, fo, ob, PO
 3     Selma the Repugnant	Prince	 Nosferatu	 8	 an, fo, OB, PO
 3   Sheldon, Lord of the Clog	Justicar Nosferatu	 9	 AN, AU, fo, OB, PO

Qty	Name			Type	Requires      Blood  Pool	Set  Rarity
 4	Spying Mission		act mod	obfuscate			 V	U
 7	5th Tradition		action	prince/just	1		 V	U
 2	4th Tradition		action	prince/just	1		 V	U
 6	Patagia			action	Nosferatu	1		 V	R
 8	Carrion Crows		combat	animalism			 S	C
 8	Drawing out the Beast	combat	animalism			 V	C
 8	Immortal Grapple	combat	potence				 V	R
 8	Skin of Steel		combat	fortitude	1		 V	C
 6	Song of Serenity	combat	animalism			 S	C
 6	Taste of Vitae		combat					 V	U
 2	Terror Frenzy		combat	animalism	1		 S	U
 5	Torn Signpost		combat	potence				 V	U
 3	Leather Jacket		equip					 S	C
 1	Blood Doll		master					 V	C
 1	Fortitude		master					 V	C
 3	Information Highway	master					 V	U
 1	Labyrinth, The		master	Nosferatu		1	 V	U
 4	Minion Tap		master					 V	C
 1	Slum H. G.		master	Nosferatu		2	 V	U
 1	Spawning Pool		master	Nosferatu			 V	R
 1	Storm Sewers		master	Nosferatu			 V	U
 4	2nd Tradition   	react	prince/just			 V	U

90	Total Library Cards	15 action
				 4 action modifier
    39 common			51 combat
    36 uncommon			 3 equipment
    15 rare			13 master
				 4 reaction

Game Environment: 90 card library limit, NCL, post 9/23/98 RTR.

I should probably replace the Patagia cards with 
2nd Tradition cards. Designed to do lots of damage 
in combat and not be hampered by the new Thoughts Betrayed.

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