Original Sneak and Bleed

NAME                CAPACITY   TITLE         DISCIPLINES
   Brazil                 2    none          au
   Normal                 2    none          ob
   Dollface               3    none          ob au
   Aleph                  4    none          do AU
2x Roland Bishop          4    none          ob do au
2x Didi Meyers            5    none          ob DO au ce
   Zebulon                5    none          OB do au pt
   Ozmo                   6    none          ob do AU
   Gilbert Duane          7    Prince        OB DO AU
   Mariel, Lady Thunder   7    none          OB DO au th
NAME                   QUANTITY   TYPE            REQUIREMENTS
Govern the Unaligned         3    action          do/DO 1 blood
Grave Robbing                1    action          do/DO
Night Moves                  4    action          ob/OB
Pulse of the Canaille        2    action          au/AU 3 blood
Bonding                      4    action mod.     do/DO
Cloak the Gathering          4    action mod.     ob/OB
Conditioning                 4    action mod.     do/DO 1 blood
Faceless Night               4    action mod.     ob/OB
Lost in Crowds               4    action mod.     ob/OB
Threats                      4    action mod.     do/DO
Muddled Vampire Hunter       1    ally            2 pool
Flack Jacket                 1    equipment       1 pool
Laptop Computer              3    equipment       1 pool
Ascendance                   4    master
Asylum Hunting Ground        1    master          2 pool
Blood Doll                   2    master
Effective Management         3    master
Elysium: The Arboretum       1    master
Information Highway          1    master
KRCG News Radio              1    master          2 pool
Malkavian Prank              2    master
Metro Underground            1    master
Minion Tap                   4    master
Deflection                   4    reaction        do/DO 1 blood
Obedience                    2    reaction        do/DO
Telepathic Counter           4    reaction        au/AU
Telepathic Misdirection      2    reaction        au/AU 1 blood
Wake/Evening's Freshness     4    reaction
Tasha Morgan                 1    retainer

            Total Library   76

4 card limit. 90 card library limit.  JYHAD only.
The first deck to sweep the table. Hasn't been played in years.
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