7 Raptors are better than a Thought's Betrayed

Qty	Name			Age	Title		Clan		Disciplines
 2	Bear Paw		 5	none		Gangrel		AN,fo,pr,pt
 2 	Gitane St. Claire	 7	Primogen	Gangrel		AN,FO,PT
 1	Gunther, Beast Lord	 7	none		Gangrel		AN,au,fo,pt
 1	Luther			 6	none	     Gangrel Antitribu	AN,fo,ot,pt
 2	Joaquina Amaya		 6	none		Ravnos		AN,CH,FO
 1	Natalia			 7	none		Ravnos		AN,ch,do,fo
 2	Sarisha Veliku		 6	none		Ravnos		AN,CH,do,FO
 1	Vaclav Petalengro	 6	none		Ravnos		AN,CH,fo,po

Qty	Name			Type	Requires	Blood	Pool	Set	Rarity
 3	Shepherd's Innocence	action	animalism	 2		 D	  C
11	Carrion Crows		combat	animalism			 S	  C
 5	Skin of Rock		combat	fortitude			 V	  C
 6	Song in the Dark	combat	animalism	 2		 S	  R
 8	Song of Serenity	combat	animalism			 S	  C
 5	Superior Mettle		combat	fortitude	 1		 S	  C
 6	Taste of Vitae		combat					 V	  U
 6	Trap			combat					 S	  C
 1	Backways		master	Gangrel			 2	 V	  U
 1	Barrens, The		master					 S	  C
 6	Blood Doll		master					 V	  C
 1	Fortune Teller Shop	master	Ravnos			 2	 D	  C
 1	Giant's Blood		master					 V	  R
 2	Heidelburg Castle	master				 2	 D	  U
 1	Park Hunting Ground	master	Ravnos			 2	 D	  C
 1	Parthenon, The		master				 2	 A	  V
 1	Zoo Hunting Ground	master	Gangrel			 2	 V	  U
 8	Cats' Guidance		react	animalism			 S	  C
 2	Forced Awakening	react					 S	  C
15	Raptor			retain	animalism	 2		 S	  U

90 total library cards	 	
				 3 action
				47 combat
57 common			15 master
26 uncommon			10 reaction
 7 rare				15 retainer

	Game environment: No card limit, September 28,1998 inclusive RTR, 
	                  90 card library limit.

	Since all of the vampires have superior Animalism, each opponent in combat
	with a vampire with a Raptor loses cards (reduces hand size) before combat.
	Get out as many Raptors as you can, then Shepherd's Innocence or Heidelburg
	Castle the Raptors onto your strongest defender (AN,FO) and block away.

	Difficult to win multiple victory points, but two shouldn't be hard.
	(for last standing and ousting last prey)

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