Qty	Name		Age	Title	Clan
 1	Julius		 1	none	Caitiff
 1	Aisha		 6	none	Follower of Set
 2	Dedefra		 5	none	Follower of Set
 1	Hadrian Garrick	 4	none	Follower of Set
 2	Khalil Anvari	 3	none	Follower of Set
 2	Lalitha		 2	none	Follower of Set
 2	Nepata		 4	none	Follower of Set
 1	Mirembe Kabbada	 5	none	Gangrel

Qty	Name			Type	Requires	Blood	Pool   Set    Rarity
 4    Cloak the Gathering	act mod	obfuscate			S	C
 8    Forgotten Labyrinth	act mod	obfuscate	  1		S	U
 8    Form of the Serpent	act mod	serpentis	  1		A	C
 3    Form of Corruption	action	serpentis			A	R
 1    Hidden Pathways		action	obfuscate	  1		S	R
15    Temptation		action	serpentis	  1		A	R
 6    Fake Out			combat					S	C
 4    Majesty			combat	presence			V	C
 6    Staredown			combat	presence			S	C
 1    Barrens, The		master					S	C
 4    Blood Doll		master					S	C
 1    Elder Library		master				  1	V	C
 1    Elysium: The Arboretum	master					V	U
 2    Heidelburg Castle		master				  2	D	U
 2    Misdirection		master					V	C
 1    Opium Den			master	Fol. of Set		  1	A	C
 1    Parthenon, The		master				  2	A	V
 2    Path of Typhon		master	Fol. of Set		  1	A	C
 1    Realm of the Black Sun	master	Fol. of Set		  1	A	R
 1    Temple Hunting Ground	master	Fol. of Set		  2	A	C

72 Total Library Cards
				20 action modifier
     40	common			19 action
     12	uncommon		16 combat
     20	rare			17 master

	Game Environment: 90 card library limit, NCL, post 12/6/99 RTR.

Tempt everyone and anyone.  After you take control of the vampire and have it
act for you against your prey, use the Heidelburg Castle to transfer all of its blood
off the vampire and onto your Blood Dolls.

Swept the one time it was played in Dallas and has been fairly successful in Austin.
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