Toreador Grand Ball

Qty Name Age Title Disciplines
2 Alexandra 11 Inner Circle AU, AN, CE, do, PR
2 Anneke 10 Justicar AU, CE, do, PR
2 Anson 8 Prince au, CE, do, PR
2 Francois Villon 10 Prince AU, CE, ch, ob, po, PR
2 Klaus van der Veken 9 Prince au, CE, ob, PR, th
2 Masika 10 Primogen AU, CE, PR
Qty Name Type Requires Blood Pool Set Rarity
7 Awe act mod presence S U
3 Scorn of Adonis act mod Toreador V U
7 Voter Captivation act mod presence S U
4 Fifth Tradition: Hospitality, The action prince, justicar 1 V U
4 Third Tradition: Progeny, The action prince, justicar 1 V U
7 Catatonic Fear combat presence S U
8 Majesty combat presence V C
2 Lyndhurst Estate, New York equip 3 S U
3 Blood Doll master S C
3 Information Highway master S U
4 Minion Tap master V C
2 Parthenon, The master 2 A V
8 Toreador Grand Ball master Toreador 1 D U
2 Anarchist Uprising pol act S C
1 Ancient Influence pol act V C
2 Consanguineous Boon pol act S C
6 Conservative Agitation pol act V C
5 Kine Resources Contested pol act V C
1 Political Stranglehold pol act S U
1 Protect Thine Own pol act justicar, IC 1 A R
2 Rumors of Gehenna pol act V R
6 Second Tradition: Domain, The react prince, justicar V U
2 Telepathic Misdirection react auspex 1 V C
90 Total Library Cards
17 action modifier
33 common 8 action
54 uncommon 15 combat
3 rare 2 equipment
20 master
20 political action
8 reaction
Game Environment: 90 card library limit, no card limit, post 7/7 RTR.
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