The Man

   Horatio               2    none     vi
   Wendy Wade            3    none     an au
   Lolita Houston        4    none     VI au
   Devin Bisley          5    none     vi AN AU
   Corine Marcon         6    none     VI AN AU
3x Dragos                7    none     vi AN AU
   Anton                 8    none     vi AN AU ce ob
2x Meshenka              8    Priscus  VI AN AU
   Lambach              10    Cardinal VI AN AU DO pr
NAME                    QUANTITY   TYPE         REQUIREMENTS
War Ghoul                     4    Ally         3 pool
Tier of Souls                 1    action       an/AN
Changeling                    3    action mod.  vi/VI
Plasmic Form                  3    action mod.  vi/VI 1 blood
Aid from Bats                 3    combat       an/AN
Blood of Acid                 3    combat       vi/VI 2 blood
Body Arsenal                  3    combat       vi/VI 2 blood
Bonecraft                     3    combat       vi/VI 1 blood
Breath of the Dragon          4    combat       vi/VI 1 blood
Carrion Crows                 3    combat       an/AN
Drawing out the Beast         2    combat       an/AN
Horrid Form                   3    combat       vi/VI 1 blood
Reform Body                   2    combat       vi/VI
Song of Serenity              3    combat       an/AN
Living Manse                  2    equipment    1 blood
Wooden Stake                  3    equipment
Blood Doll                    3    master
Information Highway           1    master
Library Hunting Ground        2    master       2 pool
Rumor Mill, Tabloid Newspaper 1    master       1 pool
Sudden Reversal               2    master
Vicissitude                   3    master
Cat's Guidance                3    reaction     an/AN
Guard Dogs                    3    reaction     an/AN
Precognition                  3    reaction     au/AU
Rat's Warning                 3    reaction     an/AN
Spirit's Touch                3    reaction     au/AU
Telepathic Counter            3    reaction     au/AU
Telepathic Misdirection       3    reaction     au/AU 1 blood
Raptor                        3    retainer     an/AN 2 blood
Raven Spy                     3    retainer     an/AN 1 blood
Revenant                      3    retainer     1 blood
            Total Library  90

4 card limit.  90 card library limit.
Intimidate the table with Dragos and Meshenka, then bring
out a War Ghoul or two with Wooden Stakes.  As soon as all
of your prey's vampires are in torpor, the rest will be easy.
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