Vampire: The Eternal Struggle

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V:TES sites sorted by Geography

Internet presence only
V:EKN - The Players Organization
V:EKN Forum

Google Archive -
Rec.Games.Trading-Cards.Jyhad Deck Archive Mailing List
VTES General Announcement List
V:EKN Clan Newsletters Mailing List
The Madness Network Community V:TES Blog
Board Game Geek VTES Forums

The Original Jyhad Webring
(No longer accepting new sites.)

Social Networking Sites
VTES on Facebook (bottom of page, 70+ groups)
VTES Group on LiveJournal
VTES Group on LinkedIn


Arizona, USA, North America
The decks of Frederick Scott

California, USA, North America
Jyhad Online
Unofficial Virtual Jyhad Expansion
March of Madness Blog
ICLee's Gaming Blog
VTES in Stanford
San Francisco Nights
Tiny Metal Dudes

Colorado, USA, North America
Inferior Babble

Georgia, USA, North America
White Wolf Game Studios
Lasombra's Clan Pages
Lasombra's V:TES Metasite
Wanderer's Counsel Akunanse Website
Hunter-Net, a V:TES site for the Imbued
Bleed My Prey!
The Path of Blood
V:TES Organized Play

Illinois, USA, North America
Unique Master
St. Louis V:TES

Maryland, USA, North America
V:TES Baltimore, Maryland

Massachusetts, USA, North America
VEKN: Springfield
The Monocle of Clarity
The Torn Signpost

Michigan, USA, North America
David Wilson's Michigan V:TES page
Power Behind the Throne

Minnesota, USA, North America
Xian's Jyhad Site & Freak Deck Archive

Nevada, USA, North America
KevinM's VTES Decks
Random V:TES and vampire things

New Hampshire, USA, North America
State of Play

New York, USA, North America
The Ithaca Jyhad
Clan Tremere: Jyhad/V:TES Cards
VTES in the US
Binghamton at Night
The VTES Wall
NYC VTES Meetup Group

North Carolina, USA, North America
Blue Devil VTES
Charlotte by Night

Ohio, USA, North America
V:EKN Columbus, Ohio
V:TES Intel
Comic Shop Plus VTES forum

South Carolina, USA, North America
Florence After Dark

Texas, USA, North America
V:EKN Texas
Crypt / Library Monger Utilities
Archon of Dallas Jyhad Page
Jyhad/V:TES in Garland, Texas

Washington, USA, North America
Shavo's VTES Home
Seattle V:TES


Canada, North America
VTES for Canada
Wes' Jyhad/V:TES Resource Page
Forum de Quebec V:EKN
Deslaure's V:TES Decks
V:TES Newbie

South Africa

South Africa
VTES in Cape Town

South America

Brazil, South America
Dominio: SP - O major site de V:TES / Jyhad do Brasil
Joćo Investigation
V:TES Cards
Teresina by Night
Powerbase: Rio De Janeiro

Chile, South America
V:TES Chile


Belarus, Europe
V:TES Belarus Forum

Belgium, Europe
Belgian Priscii
Le Reve d Emeraude

Croatia, Europe
V:TES HR forum

Czech Republic, Europe
Czech Vtes
Thoughts Betrayed

Finland, Europe
Orava V:TES
Powerbase: Turku
Pirkanmaa Powerbase
Secret Library
Pori V:TES
Reins of Power

France, Europe
V:EKN France Forum
Storia di un burattino blog
Sabbat in France (Historical Site)
Les Catacombes de Dimple
Anarch Revolt Deck Builder (software beta)
ARDB (current versions)
Necromancing the Bones
Vampire A Toulouse
V:EKN Grenoble
VTES Lille Forum

Germany, Europe
V:EKN Germany
Walch & Nusser GbR
Powerbase: Munich
extrala blog - moved to VTES One
VTES-HooK League System
Herald Of the Oldest Kindred AKA VTES-Hook

Hun Fragment
VTES: Magyarorszag
Nergal V:TES Blog
Shimulo Tarot
V:TES Archivum

Italy, Europe
Italy by Night
Roma by Night

Netherlands, Europe
V:TES Holland Forum
V:TES Domain: Hilversum

Norway, Europe
V:TES Bergen
Alex Gyhlesten's intelliganism - V:TES strategic nonsense

Poland, Europe
Strona o karciance Vampire the Eternal Struggle
Polish V:TES Forum
warGrim's blog – VTES battlefield
2011 European Championship
V:TES Poland
extrala's VTES European Championship 2011 Blog

Portugal, Europe
Domain: Lisbon, Portugal
Domain: Oeiras

Russia, Europe
V:TES in Moscow

Spain, Europe
Damnans' V:TES Page
VTES: Hispania. Boletines de Clan.
Spanish V:TES Mailing List on Yahoo
Manituan Blog
Ishvalan V:TES

Sweden, Europe
V:EKN Gothenburg
Lord of the Clog
Stockholm Jyhad
Beer and Jyhad
V:TES by Sten Blog
EC 2007 Blog

Switzerland, Europe
The Swiss V:TES Playgroup

United Kingdom, Europe
When Will You Rage? - Legbiter's V:TES
VTES Consumed
V:TES Reloaded

Pacific Countries

V:TES Canberra
Sydney by Night
Australian V:TES Forum
Tales From The Hell Mouth
The Crocodile Temple

Powerbase: Saitama

Manila V:TES Community message board
V:TES Thoughts
VTES Rants
Pulled Fangs

Singing V:TES
Blood Inc. - Domain Singapore
Paradigm Infinitum
Shambling VTES

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