Vampire: The Eternal Struggle

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On October 26, 2013 I updated this site for the last time.
V:EKN holds the future of the game, be sure to support their efforts going forward.

InQuest Gamer magazine has named Vampire: The Eternal Struggle
as the all-time best multiplayer collectible card game.

The different sets that have been released and that are planned/announced have been moved to the releases page.

Information about VTES tournaments is archived here.

The Rules of the Game are archived here.

I currently have 400+ decks documented and you may view them on the decks page.
It also links to other people's deck archives.

I have links to people who sell or trade VTES singles and boxes.

Back in 1999, there was a subscription based newsletter called Fragment of the Book of Nod.

The FAQs previously listed here separately have been moved to their own page.

The Demo items have moved to their own page, here.

If you have Acrobat Reader 4, use this VTES Playmat to introduce
new players to the game.

A brief history of the Tri-Snakes Symbol in gifs and jpgs.

V:TES in Haiku.
Pack Alpha Poetry.
V:TES-based songs.
Madness of the Bard-based poetry.
A song about dominate.

V:TES on fan created T-shirts.

A number of people have designed new cards and published them on the internet,
either on their own websites or on the newsgroup.
This page brings them all together.

Miscellaneous articles written on the Usenet newsgroup,
or on White Wolf's Forums that readers requested be archived.
Balance by Andrew 'Wes' Weston
Card Limits by Eric ""
Discipline quick recap by James Coupe

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White Wolf Game Studio
Wizards of the Coast

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