I recently received an email asking how to bring new people
to the game, old people back to the game, and in general
to promote interest in the game. This was my response.

Bringing interest back to the game can be done even when
spear-headed by one individual. There are a few things
I would recommend:

1) Play regularly in a public place, don't hide your game
in anyone's home.

2) Set up an email mailing list so that everyone local can
know about events, regular games, and trading opportunities
with minimal investment of effort on your part.
[ http://groups.yahoo.com ]

3) Advertise in each local store that can or will carry the game.
(business cards or flyers that announce your regular play time,
or contact information for your mailing list)

4) Offer to put on Demos for the local stores that have stock,
allow them to choose a time that works for you and that they
think people will show up, and use the Pre-Constructed decks
to demo to the people working there and to anyone who comes in.

5) Anytime you are playing in a public place or doing a demo,
have a business card with your email address (or your mailing
lists email address) and contact information available to give
to people who say "I used to play that game".

6) Join the V:EKN as an official volunteer, and get advice from
the other "Princes" about what they are doing to keep the game
alive. [ http://www.white-wolf.com/vtes/vekn.html ]

7) You may find some additional answers or suggestions here:

Good luck!

Carpe Noctem.