Vampire: The Eternal Struggle

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League Variants

There have been a number of different proposals for multi-session V:TES events or Leagues. This page will endeavor to collect the ones that have had rules explained for them. Single session variants are archived on the Variants page. Many cities have reported playing Leagues on the forums, but few had special rules that are easily reproduced here. Many of them seemed to simply be a record of games played and victory points and game wins. Contact me if you have played in a league with specific rules that should be archived here.

The London League started up in November of 2012.

The most recent league used in Atlanta, Georgia was The Battle for Atlanta 2012.

The V:TES Hook League system can be used to track league results.

The Spider League will take place in 2012 in Sydney/Blacktown, Australia.

The New York City VTES League started in 2012 as well.

The Prophecies League by Robert Goudie.

The Swainbank Draft League rules by Ben Swainbank.

Character Creation League by Gregory Williams (zip file download).

The Kristoff Variant for league play.

League Rules, Marseille and By Night tournament and league variants by Orpheus.

Clan Wars League by Paul Johnson.

Clan Wars Serial Draft League by Legbiter.

V:TES Campaign by Legendre.

Attrition League by Salem.

The Stretched Resources variant by BaaliJusticar.

Boston held a series of starter leagues in 2003 and 2005.

Vincent Ripoll has organized leagues in Paris, France in 2005-2008, and another in 2011, the Diversity League.

Bochum, Germany held a league in 2011 and will continue it in 2012.

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