There are 22 Library cards that mention or require Black Hand vampires or Seraph vampires. One of those is the action to make a Sabbat vampire into a Black Hand vampire. This is a list of those library cards with links to their card text on Monger.VEKN.Org provided by Ethan Burrow, and generated by the Elder Library Deck Builder provided by David Anderson-Davila.
Library: (22 cards)
Master (9 cards)
1  Admonitions, The
1  Corporal Reservoir
1  Dominion
1  Ebony Fox Hunt
1  Remover
1  Shakar
1  Watchtower: Chosen are Called
1  Watchtower: Four Ride Forth
1  Weeping Stone
Action (5 cards)
1  Blooding
1  Bloodwork
1  Chronicle of the Lost Tribe
1  Deep Cover Agent
1  Reunion Kamut
Action Modifier (3 cards)
1  Art of Memory, The
1  Circumspect Revelation
1  Council of Seraphim
Political Action (2 cards)
1  Seraph
1  Watchtower: Greatest Fall
Reaction (2 cards)
1  Ministry
1  Watch Commander
Ally (1 cards)
1  Marijava Thuggee