Vampire: The Eternal Struggle

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A number of people have designed new cards and published them on the internet,
either on their own websites or on the newsgroup.
This is a collection of those cards.

The V:EKN Players Organization has begun collecting new cards and ideas for new sets.

Boston's Create-A-Clan tournament experiment.

Damnans has announced V:TES Cardmaker that allows players to create cards and save them online.

Disco Stu created a set based on Kindred of the East.
He has further detailed the Crypt, Disciplines, and Library cards.

Norman Brown Jr. created the Cajun expansion.

Screaming Vermillian is building a FanSet.
Rise of Methuselah Worship was his second big set.

V:EKN France created these cards.
They have created some more, for the Ligue de Paris.

Damnans (Ginés Quiñonero) has created some new cards and put jpgs of them up on the web.
And here are some Obeah cards to go with them.

Manituan of Puppets has created some Baali cards.

Justin Fang has the most well known collection of new cards.
These are/can be used in Jyhad Online games.

Mike Perlman's Satirical expansions (New South, Christmas, Praxis Satire: Atlanta).

Brendan Riley created these cards for the GGI.

Daniel Figueiredo created a lot of cards.

KillerShrike suggested quite a few vehicles and modifiers.

Dimple has put up some new cards.

The Tremere Chantry of New York City have created these Jyhad/V:TES cards.

Legbiter has created some new cards.

Mike Ooi (The Malkavian Tabloid Editor) has created some HILARIOUS cards.

"JDS" ( created some Samedhi cards.

Matt Latham has created some Caitiff vampires to go, with the Time of Thin Blood.

Tim Olivas created some Blood Brothers cards and these random ones.

Omie created some cards for the Daughters of Cacophony.

Lupo of England designed cards based around the Daughters of Cacophany,
the Samedhi, the Serpents of Light, some general cards,
some non-Sabbat vampires,and some non-Sabbat clan specific cards.

The Vampire: Elder Kindred Network came up with some Vanguard style starting cards.

Harry K. Smith created these Necromancy cards.

Christian Wederhake designed many cards based
around White Wolf's European source books.

Legbiter created an mini-expansion based on the movie Blade.
Talonz created an mini-expansion based on the movie Blade II.

Mark Langsdorf collected quite a few humorous card ideas.

Some members of the newsgroup created a Bad Porno expansion.

Mike Nudd put forth a few new card ideas recently as well.

Matt Heslin has some card ideas involving multiple disciplines.

Chuck Arnett has some ideas for different crypt cards.

Ben Swainbank put out some card ideas for the Assamites,
and these for the Kine.

Jeff Kuta used LSJ's Create-A-Clan variant rules to 'fix' the group 1 vampires.

Jeff Kuta created quite a few Multi-Discipline cards.

Carl Pilhatsch, Eric Chiang and Jeff Kuta created a fanset entitled Guardians of the Faith.

Carl Pilhatsch created some Giovanni cards.

Smogo volunteered these cards.

Some people have suggested additional equipment cards that grant disciplines.

Numerous others have suggested cards as well.

If you have designed a significant number of cards and would like them listed here,
email me their location, or email me a text file with them listed
and they will go up immediately.

Last Updated February 16th, 2013 by The Lasombra