Ahrimanes Newsletter
January 2008

Ahrimanes Newsletter #33 31.01.08

1.0 - Editorial

1.1 Word From the Editor
1.2 Next Issue

2.0 - Concepts

2.1 Library Card Focus

3.0 - Deck

3.1 Anarchic Ahrimanes
3.2 Sign Off

--[1.1 - Word from the Editor]-----------------------

Well a new year, and a new season of Vtes.  The local league has
started, and the current numbers are good - even managed a session of
seven players the other week.  Plus there is a lot to look forward to
on the horizon.  First there is Blood Shadowed Court, which is a
reprint of the Camarilla only vampires - I mentioned this in more
detail in NL 32, plus there is the small release called Twilight
Rebellion - which features the Anarchs, and sounds like it will bring
the Anarchs up to the level of the other concepts in the game.
How this will impact on the previously mentioned Storyline Event I am
not sure. Perhaps it will be come clearer as time goes one.  Then
after that there is a Camarilla based set, due for release in August.
This sounds like it is a large set, and should help to restore some of
the Camarillas power, which has slipped over the past few years.
This all looks quite promising, although I am not sure that there will
be much Ahrimane stuff in the near future, we will have to see.

--[1.2 -Next Issue]------------------------------------

Next issue there will be yet another tournament winning Ahrimane deck,
this time from Erik Torstensson.  It is a tweak of his previous
Ahrimane decks, however it is still successful and worth a look - we
can see which cards have made the new version.

--[2.1 - Library Card Focus]------------------------

The observant amongst you will have noticed that there is no Crypt
Card focus this month.  This is because I have gone through all the
current Ahrimanes and a number of their obvious allies, and so the
Crypt Card focus will now be an irregular rather than regular feature.
Anyway this month the Library Card is:

Underbridge Stray
Type: Ally
Requires: Animalism
Cost: 1 blood
Animal with 1 life. 0 strength, 0 bleed.
[ani] The Stray may burn 1 life to give a minion you control a press.
During a (D) action directed at you, you may burn the Stray to untap a
ready minion you control (not usable if the Stray is blocking).
[ANI] As above, but the Stray has 2 life and 1 strength.

A very nice ANI ally, with a couple of good options.  First it is a
cheap ally at only 1 blood, the cost of which can be covered by
Perfectionist or Charisma.  Also costing blood means that you don't
have to repay their cost if a Kindred Segregation is played.
Now the Stray gives you the option of a press at the cost of a life,
which as I mentioned in the LotN overview is very handy, especially if
you pair it with Vagabond Mystic to top the Stray back up.  Of course
Presses are very useful in the usual Ahrimane combat package, giving
more rounds to apply the Carrion Crows.
You can also use the Stray for additional blocking, by burning him to
untap a ready minion you control, again this fits very nicely with an
Ahrimane Wall and with a bit of planning you can get two uses out of a
Stray with a press in a previous combat, then the untap afterwards.
Further uses are as a chump blocker but given you can burn him to
untap someone else this seems unnecessary, given the Stray will most
likely die in a combat. However if you are using Target Vitals, the
Stray could have quite a bite!
Alternatively there is nothing to prevent you arming the Stray with .
44 Magnums and the like, although the cost of such items on a soft
minion is a little high.
Another card to use of the Stray is Vultures Buffet, as this will
allow you to profit from the death of each Stray - at SPI Vultures
gives you two blood, a pool and untaps your minion.  Ready to get
another Stray, which will set you up for the next round of blocks.
Something that could be used as a surprise with numerous Strays, and
some Target Vitals is Bloodlust, or Frontal Assault.  Frontal Assault
is the better option, as it has no blood cost, although you need to
watch out for the penalty for failure.  Anyway after sending Howler
and other Ahrimanes into the fray a couple of Strays could help finish
off your Preys minions.
Something else to use with the Stray is The Summoning, as this gives
you the option to search your library for an ally card.  This also
helps if you are using a variety of allies, and can then search for
the one you need - Vagabond Mystic, Mylan Horseed or Ossian.

--[3.1 - Deck: Anarchic Ahrimanes ]--------------------------

Deck Name: Praxis Seizure: Turku XXXVII
Author: Otso Saariluoma

Crypt (12 cards; Capacity min=4 max=8 avg=6.75)
 4x  Siamese, The       7  ani pro PRE SPI      Ahrimane:2
 1x  Nettie Hale        5  ani cel pre spi pro  Ahrimane:2
 1x  Juanita Santiago   4  ani pre spi          Ahrimane:2
 4x  Howler             8  obf ANI PRE SPI      Ahrimane:2
 2x  Cynthia Ingold     6  ani for pre SPI      Ahrimane:2

Library (88 cards)
Master (17)
 1x Powerbase: Los Angeles
 1x Presence
 1x Seattle Committee
 1x WMRH Talk Radio
 1x Pentex(TM) Subversion
 1x Galaric's Legacy
 1x Anarch Railroad
 4x Anarch Revolt
 5x Blood Doll
 1x Anarch Free Press, The

Event (1)
 1x Break the Code

Action (8)
 1x Fee Stake: Perth
 1x Fee Stake: Seattle
 1x Fee Stake: New York
 1x Fee Stake: Corte
 2x Entrancement
 2x Engling Fury

Political Action (10)
 5x Kine Resources Contested
 3x Firebrand
 1x Disputed Territory
 1x Banishment

Equipment (2)
 2x Stolen Police Cruiser

Retainer (2)
 1x Raven Spy
 1x Mr. Winthrop

Action Modifier (12)
 4x Voter Captivation
 2x Squirrel Balance
 2x Bewitching Oration
 2x Awe
 2x Aire of Elation

Reaction (14)
 8x Speak with Spirits
 3x Falcon's Eye
 3x Cats' Guidance

Combat (12)
 4x Leapfrog
 4x Chameleon's Colors
 4x Carrion Crows

Combo (10)
10x Swiftness of the Stag

The thing I find surprising about this deck is the limited number of
ways of Going Anarch.  Indeed there is only two, with one Galarics and
one Seattle Committee.  I guess that Otso must use the default action,
which admittedly frees up card slots but can be costly and of course
blocked.  Of course this deck could now have a power up, with Reckless
Agitation, although the costs of that can add up quickly.

--[3.2 - Sign Off]-------------------------------------

I have noticed that the recent Vtes news has been coming from online
retailers rather than directly from White Wolf.  This seems to be the
wrong way around to me, as White Wolf should be telling people what is
coming and what will be included, rather than the rumours and
suspicions that occur from mysterious names appearing online.  Of
course fan hype can be a sales model, with the Cloverfield film
excelling at it, but equally it can be good to have some facts when
planning purchases, tournaments and other Vtes related events.