Ahrimanes Newsletter #11
March 2006

Ahrimanes Newsletter #11 20.03.06

1.0 - Editorial

1.1 Word From the Editor
1.2 Last Issue
1.3 Next Issue

2.0 - Concepts

2.1 Crypt Card Focus
2.2 Library Card Focus

3.0 - Deck

3.1 Sandra's Buffet
3.2 Sign Off

--[1.1 - Word from the Editor]-----------------------

Sanguine Instruction vs Spontaneous Power: or the ongoing problem of
superior skills in Bloodline decks.  Now in past issues I have talked
about both of these cards, and I have now come to the opinion that
Sanguine Instruction is the better option as the two pool cost for
Spontaneous Power can be hard to bear.  Also there is usually more room
in the action section of a deck than the Masters, which seems to be
filled even before I start a deck.  Spontaneous Power has its place,
normally in multi discipline combo decks, but for most decks where you
merely desire, rather than need the superior skills then Sanguine
Instruction will do the trick for you.

--[1.2 -Last Issue]------------------------------------

Well I finally got to try the Ahrimane Block Prevention deck, and it
got 1vp, when preying on a Laz beatdown deck, and came close to the
game win although the Ravnos Tap n Bleed did its tapping badness.
Then in a second game it was foiled by a OBF DOM !gangrel deck.  The
Blood Costs are a little high, and certainly in some games you would
struggle to do much.  Antero mentioned it might be a problem and it
could be, I think a couple less Presence skill cards, which could be
replaced by the bloat card of your choice - Jake Washington, Giants
Blood etc.  See feedback is good, and gets you immortalised in
'print'.  Anyway I have revised the deck, removing 1 Heart of the
City and 2 Presence skill cards, which have been replaced by 1
additional Prophesies of Gehenna and 2 copies of Anarch Troublemaker.
These two work well together, and can really put the pressure on if
used together.

--[1.3 -Next Issue]------------------------------------

Next time we will look at Vultures Buffet, the new Engling Fury?  Also
we will fuse Equipment and The Wildebeest, surely that will never work,
or will it?  Also there should be full details of Nights of Reckoning
- due for release on 3rd of April.

--[2.1 - Crypt Card Focus]--------------------------

This month it is another non Ahrimane, but a vampire who fits right in
with the plan.

Sandra White
Clan: Caitiff (group 3)
Capacity: 1
Camarilla: If Sandra diablerizes an older vampire, the controller of
that vampire burns 1 pool.
Rarity:  Anarchs:U2

Now most people can see the use of Sandra in a deck that slaps people
into Torpor, so I won't dwell on that.  Instead think of Vultures
Buffet, and you can actually come out ahead!  Normally Sandra does her
thing, of eating the best target in Torpor, and then she burns in the
Blood Hunt as there aren't enough votes to save her.  Fair enough, a
Pool for a Pool, and you have planned for your loss right?  Well with a
Vultures Buffet, you could gain two (three with Hungry Coyote) Blood,
and one Pool once Sandra is in the Ash Heap.  That sounds like plenty
to fuel the next Sandra, and the next and so on!
Also Sandra helps bring down the average crypt cost, with a little
weeniefication - something that is impossible to do with the Sterile
rule that affects all Ahrimanes preventing the use of traditional
weenie creator cards such as The Embrace.  Of course there are other
weenies you could use, but Sandra's special is where it is at!

--[2.2 - Library Card Focus]------------------------

This month we look at two lesser cards, that will help you win games!

Cull the Herd
Type: Action
Cost: 1 blood
+1 stealth action.
(D) Look at another Methuselah's hand. That Methuselah discards all
ally or retainer cards in his or her hand. The acting vampire gains 1
blood from the blood bank for each card discarded in this way.
Rarity:  Sabbat:R  SW:R

This card is often overlooked and this was written about in another
Newsletter, although I couldn't find which, quite a while back as a
method to check a players hand, at stealth, for the cost of one blood.
Yes the main effect is for removing Allies, but the 'side' effect
is quite powerful, as written above - check a hand, without requiring
a discipline!  I actually think that this card is even better now as it
is more likely to find an Ally or two in a players hand with the new
batch that have been released in the past few years, such as
Neighbourhood Watch Commander, Procurer and others, and that means that
you regain the blood spent on the action.  Plus with a Vultures Buffet
or two you can gain some pool - all good right?
Once you have checked your opponents hand you know if you can go ahead
with those big bleeds, as you saw the bounce, or lack of it.

Prophecies of Gehenna
Type: Master
Unique master.
Put this card in play. During your master phase, you may tap this card
to look at your prey's hand. If you do so, your prey takes control of
the Prophecies of Gehenna. Any Methuselah may burn this card during his
or her untap phase by revealing his or her hand to all players.
Rarity:  Promo:20040301

Going back to the Editors Note of actions vs Masters, here is a card
that allows that all-important look at a player's hand at the cost of
a Master Phase (to play).  Prophecies of Gehenna (PoG) has the
advantage of being played as a Master card, and thus not requiring an
action to bring it into play, or to use it.  Sure it circles around the
table, and can be removed by a Methuselah revealing his or her hand.
But it is free, and looks in the Master Phase, which could show you any
Sudden Reversals before you play your all important Master Card.  So it
can be quite defensive as well.

Sure you could use Owl Retainer, but sometimes you don't want to be
in combat, or can't get there, and it serves no purpose, whereas both
of these cards allow you to look when you want, rather than when you
can, and thus allow you to plan your turns that much better.

--[3.1 - Deck: Sandra's Buffet]---------------------------------------

Well some of you eagle eyed readers will have spotted that last months
deck used this months featured library cards - giving you chance to
try them before I write about them, so this month we feature next
months Library card; Vultures Buffet.

Deck Name: Sandras Buffet
Author: Sam Marsh

Crypt [12 vampires] Capacity min: 1 max: 7 average: 4.09

4x Sandra White           1                   Caitiff:3
3x Muricia                7  ANI PRE SPI       Ahrimane:4
3x Effie Lowery           5  ANI SPI obf       Ahrimane:4
1x Gentha Shale           6  ANI PRE pot spi   Ahrimane:4
1x Aiyana, The Wolfca     3  pre spi           Ahrimane:4

Library [90 cards]
Action [16]
3x Enchant Kindred
8x Nose of the Hound
1x Tier of Souls
4x Vulture's Buffet

Action Modifier [4]
4x Aire of Elation

Combat [32]
16x Aid from Bats
10x Carrion Crows
2x Pack Alpha
4x Taste of Vitae

Combat/Action Modifier [4]
4x Swiftness of the Stag

Master [14]
6x Blood Doll
1x Carver's Meat Packing and Storage
2x Effective Management
2x Guardian Angel
1x Sudden Reversal
2x Tension in the Ranks

Reaction [16]
5x Falcon's Eye
3x Forced Awakening
3x Guard Dogs
5x Speak with Spirits

Retainer [4]
2x Murder of Crows
2x Raven Spy

Again this deck is untested by me, so is bound to have some flaws, but
I should soon have more time to make these things and then they will
get tested - I promise.

--[3.2 - Sign Off]-------------------------------------

Well within the next few weeks there will be new Crypt cards -
Hunters, who will make an appearance in the Legacies of Blood
expansion.  As of yet there are little details on the set, but it could
easily change the Vtes world forever - lets hope it's a good
change, and we all give it a chance before decrying it too much.
See you next time.