Assamite Clan newsletter
Volume 4, Issue 6
June 2004

Assamite Clan newsletter. Volume 4, Issue 6 (June 2004) 

Written by Otto Koskinen


Inferno, baby.


-Why are we here at the terminal show?

Gehenna has come, as the most observant players may have already
But, what has it brought to the Clan Assamites, I find myself asking.
I'm not really super hot on Gehenna set, yet, but I have noticed a
card here,
and another there which go into some pre-existing decks and even one
which, although isn't propably too new to the game as a whole,
at least is somewhat new to me.

Name: Songs of the Distant Vitae
Cardtype: Action
Discipline: Quietus
+1 stealth action.
[qui] (D) Send a vampire who has committed diablerie since your last
turn to torpor. That vampire also burns 2 blood.
[QUI] (D) Bleed. This action gets +1 bleed when bleeding a Methuselah
who controls a vampire who has hunted since your last turn.

+1 stealth, +1 bleed. With a conditional in it. 
The inferior has a high opportunity cost, not too often you see people
diablerizing, but even so, the effect is very powerful.
How to get these to their proper uses, then? The inferior is a tad
hard to make a deck around, since forcing people to diablerize is not 
the easiest thing in the book.

The superior, though, has potential. Getting people to hunt, now, is a
lot easier, especially if you happen to be indepent and hold some
voting power.
Sadly, short of Aziz, there arent too many of us around who can
reliably call a FSR and make it pass. That PRE is just so precious to
the plan.
But, Aziz as the main man, emphasize on FSR votes with vote pushing
from Bewitching Orations and such, and the support group are vampires
with QUI.
Alamut thrown in with a few Foul Blood's, and combat pack consisting
mostly of Thin Blood and Scorpion's Touch.

This one will show in proper time what creative will be done around

Name: Principia Discordia
Cardtype: Action
Discipline: Auspex/Quietus/Serpentis
+1 stealth action. Requires a ready anarch.
[aus] (D) Burn an equipment card.
[qui] (D) Burn 1 blood on an untapped vampire and tap that vampire.
[ser] (D) Steal 1 blood from a ready tapped vampire.

Okay, this one requires an anarch. 
Not a big loss, considering we have some hot anarch disciplines on
some very key vampires. Celerity and Thaumaturgy coming up as the
first in my mind.
Those put aside, this one complements Songs quite nicely, in the blood
denial aspect. 
Note the Serpentis ability, and how well it works when first someone
with qui does the trick. Work with the serpents, maybe?
Blood denial, with Temptations and Form of Corruptions, with a couple
odd Fress States Rant's parked in the Storage Annexes.

Name: Flurry of Action
Cardtype: Action
Discipline: Celerity
[cel] (D) Bleed. If the bleed is successful, draw two cards. Discard
down to your hand size afterward.
[CEL] (D) Bleed. If the bleed is successful, this vampire untaps.

Now, this card is the one I mentioned earlier.
At first glance, I did'nt really like this card. But now that I've
used it more and more, I like it more and more.
The ability to bleed and rush in one turn. Yes please. Bleed and stay
untapped for blocking. Even more so.
The inferior alone makes the card an easy choice to play a couple of,
but the superior really makes this card shine. Of course, our Clan
ain't the only one
who benefits from this card, but I think the Assamites have the most
to gain from this card. Ousting in the process off rushing.
The sad part is, it has to be a successful bleed. But, you're
Assamite. People should be wary as is to block your bleeds of 1. And
if you get deflected, your grand-prey can most likely afford to "take
one for the team" in order for you to untap and go wreak havoc on the

In future editions I will focus on some other Gehenna cards which I've
had the opportunity to more closely look upon.
Dragonbound, Crocodile's Tongue and Carver's Meat and Packing come to



Two new Assamite's were also printed in the Gehenna set, and here they

Reza Fatir, The Dark Angel
Assamite, 6 cap.
obf pro CEL QUI
Sabbat. Black Hand: The Blood Curse does not affect Reza.

So far, our only member with protean. The "Red Gangrel Antitribu" as
has been said by some..
With his CEL QUI obf he makes a nice addition to the group 3&4
vampires, of which there currently arent too many. 
His Sabbat Black Handedness also opens up some venues, but sadly he is
lacking bigger discipline synergies with Yazid Tamari, our Seraph.
Not entirely true, but I'd sense Reza to be one of the working horses
of the Clan Assamite in future years to come, as group 4 continues to
advance in number.

Assamite, 8 cap.
aus obf pre CEL FOR QUI
Independent: Antara gets +1 intercept when attempting to block a
Sabbat vampire. He burns 1 blood when any Methuselah plays a Gehenna
card. (Blood Cursed)

Another group 4, and what a fine vampire indeed. Conditional +1
intercept, 6 disciplines in which superior Fortitude. Not bad.
Now, while on the subject of working horses, I see Antara also with a
bright future among the Clan. 
Mini-Tegyrius, could be said. 

I have to admit, I have'nt yet used either one of these two. I've had
my mind on a few other decks, recently. In the future, at least Antara
will see some uses, rest assured.



Flurry of Bleeds

Crypt: (12 cards, Min: 14, Max: 24, Avg: 4,92)
2  Yusuf          aus CEL obf qui  5,  Assamite:2
3  Kalinda        CEL OBF tha      6,  Assamite:2
1  Parmenides     CEL qui          4,  Assamite:2
1  Abd al-Rashid  CEL obf QUI      5,  Assamite:2
1  Zahir          CEL OBF qui tha  6,  Assamite:2
1  Darrel Boyce   CEL OBF PRO      6,  Gangrel Antitribu:2
1  Max Lowell     cel obf          3,  Gangrel Antitribu:2
1  Tansu Bekir    cel OBF          4,  Assamite:2
1  Zoe            AUS cel obf      3,  Malkavian:2

Library: (90 cards)
Master (14 cards)
1  Alamut
5  Blood Doll
2  Heidelberg Castle, Germany
1  Khabar: Community, The
1  KRCG News Radio
1  London Evening Star, Tabloid Newspaper
1  Market Square
1  Obfuscate
1  Rumor Mill, Tabloid Newspaper, The

Action (18 cards)
8  Computer Hacking
10 Flurry of Action

Action Modifier (20 cards)
6  Cloak the Gathering
5  Faceless Night
6  Lost in Crowds
3  Spying Mission

Reaction (4 cards)
4  Wake with Evening's Freshness

Combat (15 cards)
5  Disguised Weapon
5  Preternatural Evasion
5  Pursuit

Retainer (4 cards)
1  J. S. Simmons, Esq.
1  Mr. Winthrop
1  Robert Carter
1  Tasha Morgan

Equipment (12 cards)
6  .44 Magnum
4  Laptop Computer
2  Sport Bike

Combo (3 cards)
3  Swallowed by the Night


The idea is rather straightforward. Plow onward with Flurry of action,
untap after bleed, get permableed or stay untapped to block with the
Guns and S:CE for defense works rather well, and are easily flowed out
of hand as well.
Equip a lot of permableed, bleed with one either Flurrying or Hacking
for extra *oomph* and then Heidelberg the permastuff for another
vampire, who proceeds to do the same. Best done with three vampire, of
which one is a weenie, such as Max Lowell, who begins the turn by
equipping, and then gets the permableed transferred to the bleeder of

Not too heavy on the Gehenna parts, but not lacking in it either. I've
found this deck to be rather competetive, reliably (enough) ousting
it's first prey, and having little difficulties with the second as


Ass Denial

Crypt: (12 cards, Min: 10, Max: 21, Avg: 4,00)
2  Ali Kar        obf qui          3,  Assamite:3
2  Harika Guljan  QUI              3,  Assamite:2
1  Anwar          cel obf qui      4,  Assamite:2
1  Jalal Sayad    CEL pot QUI      6,  Assamite:2
1  Julius         qui ser          1,  Caitiff:2
4  Badr al-Budur  cel dom OBF qui  5,  Assamite:2
1  Abd al-Rashid  CEL obf QUI      5,  Assamite:2

Library: (80 cards)
Master (20 cards)
1  Barrens, The
1  Blood Doll
2  Galaric's Legacy
4  Life in the City
4  Quietus
1  Seattle Committee
1  Society of Leopold
1  Strained Vitae Supply
1  Tribute to the Master
2  Vampiric Disease
2  XTC-Laced blood

Action (20 cards)
5  Blood Clots
6  Computer Hacking
1  Erosion
6  Principia Discordia
2  Songs of the Distant Vitae

Action Modifier (8 cards)
8  Cloak the Gathering

Political Action (4 cards)
4  Free States Rant

Reaction (15 cards)
6  Deflection
3  Foul Blood
6  Wake with Evening's Freshness

Combat (11 cards)
6  Fake Out
5  High Ground

Equipment (2 cards)
2  Laptop Computer


Indeed. Ass Denial. Very little of anarchness is used in this deck,
anarchness is around mostly to get the Principia Discordia some
mileage out of. Tap'n bleed can be done with the deck, to some extent,
but mostly the idea is also rather simple. Disrupt your prey with
Societies, XTC's and make him pay if he ever goes down to 0 blood via
Blood clots. Locking down the early weenie with an early Free States
Rant and Blood Clots is never a bad move either. Rarely people feel
the need to "unlock" the weenie, and once that is done, you have
someone who is constantly hunting, and you can cycle cards on him, if
Release the disease at an early time, and let it wreak havoc on the
table. It is a touch too random in how it can massively spread and
disrupt people's games, but...

Not the best deck in the block, I'd wager, but very fun to play.



Have you heard of it?
No, I am not talking about the card anymore.

The Path of Blood is the best on-line site dealing with Vampire: The
Eternal Struggle.
Mainly dealing with Assamites, naturally.
So, come join us, and see the lates in whipping ass of the snotty
Ventrues, making the pathetic Tremere whine to our tune,
and the Setites hiss in the corner playing with their snakes. Freaks..

If you are interested more closely in Assamites, visit the site at: