V:EKN Clan Assamite Newsletter, May 1999

Assamites Clan Newsletter Volume 2 Issue 1 (May 1999)

*Note: I have taken over the production of the Assamite monthly newsletter
from Mike Bohlmann. Thanks Mike for getting the Assamites started.

Quick Overview of the Assamites:

In the World of Darkness, the Assamites are one of the most feared clans due
to their reputation of being assassins of kindred and mortals. In fact, at
one point in time, all of the Camarilla clans had to band together in order
to stop the Assamites. Unfortunately, in the world of the CCG the Assamites
have a slightly different fate. Ok. A very different fate.

As many of you know, the Assamites are one of the hardest clans to run
effectively. This is because the Assamites basic skills of Celerity,
Obfuscate, and Quietus do not enhance bleeding, intercepting, bouncing
bleeds, or even voting. And even in combat, the Assamites still struggle
with normal combat defense since they have no S:CE killer (like Immortal
Grapple), no Dodge killer (like Scorpion Sting), and little in the way of
directly preventing damage. They also do not have any princes to give them
the powerful traditions that could help out in the intercepting and pool
gain areas. So far, the Assamites do not have much going for them.
Another disturbing aspect of the Assamites is the capacity of the vampires.
Yes, the vampires with capacity of 7 and above kick major ass but the
smaller ones (besides al-Rashid) struggle in comparison to other clans. This
means that you are going to have to make each and every action you take
count. And of course, the only way the Assamites can get multiple actions
per turn is using the dangerous Rutor's Hand.

So what can they do? Well, they can dominate combat if they are prepared
correctly for it. They can get around Fortitude with Blood Sweats. They can
continue combat with kindred that play S:CE with the use of Psyches. And
they can even defeat vamps that rely on Dodges by packing many extra
strikes. But rarely can they do all three in a game.

Why play the Assamites? For complete satisfaction when you roll over someone
or an entire table. Yes, it can be done. I mean, anyone can build a
Malkavian sneak and bleed or a Ventrue vote deck. But how many people see
the Assamites getting 4 or 5 victory points? It can not be done without
careful planning and a good dose of luck. But it can be done and I am going
to show you how over the next several months.

May's Fiction Section:

Within the somber antechamber located inside Alamut, the air was heavy in
anticipation. Thetmes had called court with his greatest assassins of the
clan. These meetings had become fewer and far between in the past years as
recently Thetmes mood had slipped to below horrid. The clan's campaigns had
severely failed around the globe. Many unsuccessful investments and
uncountable unfulfilled contracts had left a bad taste in Thetmes' mouth.
Image is everything to him and right now the Assamites' image appeared

Most of the kindred in attendance knew of the mysterious visitor that had
arrived earlier today. His arrival was unannounced and seemingly uninvited.
When Al-Nastal brought Thetmes the news that a stranger had slipped past all
of their outer defenses in the, Themes only shrugged as if he half expected
it. No one spoke in the room now. It was as if all of the Kindred held their
breath waiting for the next instructions. Of course breathing was only
necessary for mortals but Thetmes had a way to make everyone seem less than
immortal when he was present.

"Please allow our visitor to enter the hall", Thetmes said to the assassin
closest to the door.

When the stranger entered the hall, all eyes turned to see what the man
looked like. The visitor could only be described as painfully ordinary. On a
busy street, he would be just one of the nameless faces in the crowd. No
distinguishing features. Nothing.

And with a loud voice, Thetmes said to the crowd of assassins, "Take a
careful look everyone. This is the man that will change us forever. He has
the information that I have sought for many years. This marks the beginning
of a new campaign and a new day for us. A campaign that will once again
raise the Assamites to be the most feared clan."

And with that, Thetmes turned to the nameless visitor and said, "Let me see
your true face. Please take off the Mask of a thousand faces."

The man hesitated just for a brief second before responding, "Are you sure?
Some people have a difficult time seeing the truth as you know." Thetmes
said only one word in response. "Please".

 The disguised man simply closed his eyes for a moment and everything around
him began to wane. Images began to blur. What was once a plain man standing
before them now became a hideously deformed monster. There were many shocked
clansmen gasping as they quickly realized that a Nosferatu was now among
them here in the sacred halls of Alamut.

Thetmes did not show any outward signs of horror. Actually, the only thing
Thetmes did was slightly smile and say "Welcome, my brother."

May's Deck Idea Clinic:

As we saw in the fiction section, Thetmes understands the importance of
information. Having the right information at the right time can be an
insurmountable advantage. Here we will try to duplicate this.

The Crypt:

Al-Ashrad     (9) CEL QUI obf aus THA
Parnassus     (7) CEL QUI     aus tha
Parnassus     (7) CEL QUI     aus tha
Parnassus     (7) CEL QUI     aus tha
Abd al-Rashid (5) CEL QUI obf
Abd al-Rashid (5) CEL QUI obf
Dorian Strack (4) cel         AUS
Colin Flynn   (3) cel         aus
ZoŽ           (3) cel     obf aus
Harika Guljan (3)     QUI
Harika Guljan (3)     QUI
Kanya Ahktar  (2) cel
CEL - 10 (4 at minor and 6 at superior)
QUI - 8 (all at superior)
AUS - 7 (5 at minor and 2 at superior)
OBF - 4 (all at minor)
THA - 4 (3 at minor and 1 at superior)

Total Capacity of crypt: 58
Avarage Vamp Size: 4.83

2x Dreams of the Sphinx
2x The Path of Blood
1x Fame
1x Market Square
1x The Barrens
4x Blood Doll
1x Tribute to the Master
1x Auspex
1x Celerity
2x Quietus

2x Bang Nakh
2x IR Goggles
1x Kali's Fang
8x Computer Hackings or 8x Bums Rush or a mix
1x Magic of the Smith
3x Revelations
3x Scrying the Secrets
2x Foul Blood
2x Enhanced Senses
2x Precognition
2x Telepathic Misdirection
2x The Spirit's Touch
4x Forced Awakening
3x Lucky Blow
5x Taste of Death
5x Blood Sweat
5x Lightning Reflexes
2x Silence of Death
8x Rapid Thought
3x Pursuit
4x Psyche
5x Taste of Vitae

Deck Comments:

The main focus of the deck revolves around knowing what your opponents are
going to play in a given situation. The Auspex cards of Revelations and
Scrying the Secrets will allow you to see a bunch of cards at one time. If
you can get both cards to kick off around each other you could potentially
know the next 14 cards the opponent will use. That can be a huge advantage.
When playing with the Assamites, you must make every strike count. And make
sure that when you get a Revelations on the table to bargain with the other
players to keep it out there. The other card that is key to the deck is the
Rapid Thoughts when played at superior. This forces the opponent to play his
strike first. Yes, I know this is not the best way around S:CE but it
prevents you from playing a bunch of killer combat cards and then not even
being able to hit for anything. The Lightning Reflexes are a way to smack
Dodgers fairly easily with multiple strikes. I may not have gotten the right
number of strikes to maneuvers and presses but I think I'm fairly close. You
can change the Bum's Rushes and Computer Hacks quite easily depending on
your playing environment. This may not be the best Assamite deck that I can
build but it demonstrates that to be affective with the Assamites you are
going to have to be creative.

Coming in next month's issue:

In the next newsletter, I will take a very detailed look at the Assamites in
combat and show their strengths and weaknesses. We will see how they match
up against other clans as well. The fiction section will continue the story
of Thetmes and the new information gained by the Assamites. And in the deck
idea for June, we will see how Contracts can be very deadly.
I have a ton of ideas that I can not wait to share with you all about the
Assamites. But if you have any ideas or decks that you would like to share
with me, please drop me an email. I would love to see other's ideas with
this clan.

Until next month,

Todd Banister
Prince of Atlanta