Daughters of Cacophony Newsletter
September 2003

Daughters of Cacophony Newsletter
Issue 3

Siren's Call September 2003


Verse (Fiction)
Chorus (Card of the Month)
Bridge (Vampire of the Month)
Mandatory Drum Solo (Deck Clinic)


Thanks for all the feedback I received and keep those suggestions


Biography of Evelyne Duloise (part 2)

Then the big night came, everyone was nervous except for me. The Queen
was seated in a box surrounded by guards. We took our place on the
stage and the concert began. All went well until it was time for my
solo. After the first verse my voice broke down and my throat was
soar. In total panic I turned around to the rest of the choir and saw
Gael merging forward. Our eyes met and she gave me an evil smile. She
started singing my part. Everyone, including me, was entranced by the
divine sounds she created. When she closed her mouth, Queen Victoria
stood up and gave her a big applause and everyone joined her clapping.
This was supposed to be my big moment, but I had blown it. My parents
were already making their way to the exit. Tears rolled over my
cheeks. While crying I left the stage and ran to the artist entrance.
Outside it was dark and rainy. I fell on my knees and buried my head
in my hands.

"Poor child" someone said. I turned my head to where the sound came
from and there she stood. Gaël gave me the same evil smile as before.
I got up and started shouting to her: "Bitch, you destroyed my life",
I looked around me and saw a broken bottle. I grabbed it and ran over
to her to hit her on the head with it, but I didn't have the strength
anymore. "Hush." she whispered as she put her arms around me. I felt a
sting in my neck and pushed her away from me. Blood was dripping from
my neck. She grinned. Her lips moved, but there was no sound. Her eyes
pierced mine. Then I heard laughter from all sides. Gael's lips
weren't moving anymore, but it was her voice. The laughter invaded my
head. Suddenly my own lips started moving and I heard her voice coming
out of my mouth. I started shaking my head and screamed. The glass
windows in the alley broke, silencing my voice. "Perfect" she said.

From that moment on Gaël took care of me, she thought me everything I
needed to know and most important of all, what I was: a Siren. Gaël
took me to Paris where I honed my singing skills and after some time I
was ready to perform. Following Gaëls advice, I changed my name in
something more French. From then on I was known as Evelyne Duloise.

I've always dreamed of being a singer and now, I am a Diva.


Siren's Lure

Action Modifier

cel: This vampire burns 2 blood to get +1 stealth.
mel: Only usable by a ready untapped vampire other than the acting
minion when a minion attempts to block. That minion cannot block this
action. Tap this vampire and that minion. Once the action resolves,
this vampire enters combat with that minion.
MEL: As above, but do not tap this modifying vampire.

This card is awesome in any DoC deck, especially when combining them
with Toreador. At basic celerity you have the effect of Alacrity and
at Melpominee "blocking attempt fails". If you take a closer look
though, you'll find out Siren's Lure is much  better than "blocking
attempt fails", not only does the block fail but it also taps the
blocking minion which is great against Guard Dogs, 2nd Tradition,… or
just untapped minions. Note that you can only play one Siren's Lure at
Melpominee each action. This card is perfect to make sure your heavy
bleeds or politics don't get blocked. Sure the Daughter playing the
card enters combat after the action has resolved, that is if the
minion's controller is still alive then, but you have Presence and
Fortitude to survive. Don't be afraid to play them against non-combat
decks but if you do face a combat deck, save them for the important
actions or just play them at Celerity if you are using Toreador.
Another option is to sacrifice Muse, no big loss anyway. They also
come in quite handy in a DoC deck mixed with Ventrue 1&2 as Arika,
Democritus and Wilhelm Waldburg all have basic Celerity. I recommend
at least 2 and more if you are playing DoC with Toreador.


Céleste, The Voice of a Secret
3 cap, mel pre
Daughter of Cacophony
Céleste gets -1 intercept when attempting to block a bleed action.
Céleste gets +1 bleed when bleeding a Methuselah who controls a ready

Much better than Muse is Céleste, the perfect weenie in a DoC deck She
has a lot more survival power (Majesty) and her drawback is definetly
not as bad as it seems. Although you need to give her stealth with the
Paris Opera House or teach her superior Melpominee with Sanguine
Instruction, her low capacity is ideal for a second turn bleed or
vote. She can also play Siren's Lure and has a decent chance to
survive. Céleste only has -1 intercept against bleeds, so she can
block everything else with no problem unlike all other DoC. Her extra
bleed against Toreadors is a nice extra, though it has never been
useful to me yet. I wouldn't recommend playing her in a DoC +
Venrtue/Toreador deck due to her lack of superior Melpominee.

Mandatory Drum Solo

Deck Name:   DoC & Toreador Sing along Show
Created By: Denalex 
Description:  The Melpominee cards mix extremely good with the
Toreador, and especially Siren's Lure for some stealth on a big bleed.
The deck might work better with the group 3 vampires ( Ira,
Fleurdumal, Madame Guil ) due to the lack of superior Auspex in this
version, but I wanted to try this crypt first.

Crypt: (12 cards, Min: 15, Max: 37, Avg: 6,42)
2  Delilah Monroe     for MEL pre         4,  Daughters of Cacophony
2  Angela Preston     for MEL PRE         5,  Daughters of Cacophony
1  Gael Pilet         chi FOR MEL pre     6,  Daughters of Cacophony
1  Delilah Easton     pre                 2,  Toreador
2  Tatiana Romanov    AUS cel pre         7,  Toreador, Prince
2  Anson              aus CEL dom PRE     8,  Toreador, Prince
1  Anneke             AUS CEL dom PRE     10, Toreador, Justicar
1  Alexandra          ANI AUS CEL dom PRE 11, Toreador, Inner Circle

Library: (90 cards)
Master (18 cards)
4  Blood Doll
1  Direct Intervention
1  Giant's Blood
3  Information Highway
4  Minion Tap
2  Paris Opera House
2  Presence
1  Society Hunting Ground

Action (5 cards)
2  Art's Traumatic Essence
1  Entrancement
2  Legal Manipulations

Action Modifier (25 cards)
4  Aire of Elation
4  Bewitching Oration
5  Echo of Harmonies
4  Missing Voice, The
4  Siren's Lure
4  Voter Captivation

Political Action (20 cards)
1  Anarchist Uprising
1  Ancient Influence
1  Banishment
2  Disputed Territory
1  Dramatic Upheaval
1  Kindred Restructure
10 Kine Resources Contested
1  Political Stranglehold
1  Reins of Power
1  Rumors of Gehenna

Reaction (14 cards)
2  Second Tradition: Domain, The
6  Telepathic Misdirection
6  Wake with Evening's Freshness

Combat (8 cards)
8 Majesty


This is the end of this issue. Boohoo? Finally? You still have some
questions? In this case or if you just want to give some comments or
critics, send me a mail.

What can you expect in next month's edition?
- Art's Traumatic Essence VS Mind Numb
- Muse: is she really no good?
- The Daughters team up with the Brujah

Den Alex
Alexander Schrijvers