Followers of Set Newsletter

II- Fiction
III- Vampire of the Month
IV- Card of the Month
V- Bonehead Card of the Month
VI- Deck of the Month
VII- Conclusion

I- Intro
Hello, I have once again shuffled out of torpor to type a newsletter.
Apparently,  those stuffy, old goats, the Ventrue, seem to be losing their
leathery grasp on reality as the Final Nights arrive.  The Gangrel have
flown the coup, and the USA is a wreck.  How about them apples? It couldn't
have happened to a nicer set of people.

 This month I plan to explore the fresher side of life with the new Final
Nights cards.

II- Fiction
Oh glorious enchanted evening!  We are having a guest join us tonight.  One
of the true masters of corruption.  Hesha Ruhadze.  Quite a specialist in
the 2nd Cardinal Sin, Gluttony, but I believe that he dabbles in all of
them.  And he sure does know how to keep the party going until the wee hours
of the morning.  I honestly do believe he practically invented the rave.
Perhaps I give him too much credit, but you need an example to which you can
aspire.  Tut, tut do not pout dear childe, I have not overlooked your
accomplishments.  Oh of course, I will tell him about your scuffle with the
flea-bitten Gangrel down by the docks.  Now that was entertainment.  If only
you would do something so impressive again other than suck on those poor,
deluded wreches who want to belong to the "all-night party crowd". Pathetic,

III- Vampire of the Month

Hesha Ruhadze
Clan: Followers of Set
 Capacity: 6
 Ability: When hunting, Hesha gets an additional
 +1 stealth and gains an additional blood if
Inferior Obfuscate
Inferior Presence
Superior Serpentis

Superior Serpentis on a 5 cap, now that makes two Settites and one
non-Settite in the game who have superior Serpentis.  Check out that
special!  +1 stealth and +1 blood.  Slap two blood dolls on him and go to
town!  A one man pool gaining machine! Inbase Discotech and a Aaron's
Feeding Razor and now you can gain 4 pool per turn with  4 blood dolls and a
simple hunting action.

IV- Card of the Month
 Discipline: Serpentis
 Rarity: Common
 Card Text:

Reduce a bleed against you by 1
As above, and if the bleed resolves for 0 (or less), the acting minion burns
1 blood or life at the end of the action.

Man, you gotta love this card. A Telepathic Counter that bites you in the
rear! The great thing is that multiple Ecstasies can be played by multiple
untapped Settites to inflict multiple blood or life loss if you reduce the
bleed to zero.  Also, it appears to me that you can play them on bleed that
have already been reduced to zero to reduce it less than zero to inflict
additional blood or life loss, or even just to get them out of your hand!

V- Bonehead Card of the Month

The Realm of the Black Sun
The: Master, Followers of Set, 1 pool

Unique Master. Put this card in play. If your prey gains at least 1 pool
during his or her master phase, you gain 1 pool. This card may be burned by
any minion as a (D) action; vampires with titles get -1 stealth when
attempting that action.

Initially, this card looks great. Most players try to gain pool duing their
master phase, so this is really benificial if your prey has a blood doll
out.  My only question is why is this a master with a inherent burn action
rather than a unique location?  This card usually has a half life of 2 turns
after it hits the table, and there is no way, other than Aisha,  to generate
inherent intercept without more locations or sportbikes and retainers.  So
if there are no stealth decks or decks capable of generating +1 stealth,
then you are sitting pretty. Otherwise, this card is wallpaper.  Want to
gamble on that?

VI- Deck of the Month
This month's deck is probably the nastiest corruption deck that I have ever
seen.  Kudos and Congradulations to the recently married David Zopf a.k.a.
Atom Weaver

"Who's the Father? Call 1(800) DNA-TYPE..."
by R. David Zopf

2x Dedefra
2x Nepata
1x Nik
1x Franciscus
1x Dan Murdock
1x Julius
1x Igo, the Hungry
1x Navar McClaren
1x Hasina Kesi
1x Smudge, the Ignored
1x Magdelena Schaefer
1x Antoinette DuChamp

6x Effective Management
3x Info Highway
4x Obfuscate
3x Serpentis
2x The Barrens
1x Fragment of the Book of Nod
1x Opium Den

Minion (65):
10x Revelation of the Sire
25x Corruption
8x Computer Hacking
3x Form of Corruption
2x Temptation
4x Lost in Crowds
4x Faceless Night
9x Cloak the Gathering

The goal is to bring up a Setite, then start Revelation of the Sire, to
change Caitiff into Setites (those corrupt Setites, alway putting their
vitae where it doesn't belong...)  Notice that a Revealed Caitiff (now
Setite) can in turn Reveal another Caitiff (creating what we might consider
the equivalent of a family therapy session on a daytime talk show), or
Corrupt a vamp, or Computer Hack.

VII- Conclusion
I hope everyone has enjoyed this month's Followers of Set newsletter.
Comments, Questions or Complaints