Official Followers of Set Newsletter: September

II- Fiction
III- Vampire of the Month
IV- Card of the Month
V- Bonehead Card of the Month
VI- Deck of the Month
VII- Conclusion

I.  Intro
Hello,  I am writing this months Followers of Set newsletter.  If you didn't
already know, I wanted to let everyone know this will be my last newsletter
for the Followers of Set.  Have no fear.  I will leave you in the caring
hands of Wes who will be happy to continue to lead you down the path of
Typhon.  I shall not go into the great beyond without a big throwdown, so
lets get this show on the road.

II.  Fiction

Ah,  I see you are back again.  You pathetic little weakling.  You haven't
been very attentive lately,  you should be studying your lessons, childe,
not hanging out with those pompous ass-sniffers.  Oh,  I see you brought
some friends.  Aren't you going to introduce us.  Oh what a delightful bunch
of ragamuffins you are. Let me guess what you are doing.  Playing as
vampires?  What delightful costumes.  Where did you get them? Is it
Halloween already?   Really you need to go and take your pets with you.
They really are distasteful.  Now be gone.  Did you hear me?  I said to
leave. Now.  Get Out! Get away from me! Let go of me! Put down those

III.  Vampires of the Month

Aabbt Kindred
capacity 4
for pre ser
 Followers of Set

Independent. Aabbt Kindred cannot perform (D) actions unless Nefertiti is
ready. Aabbt Kindred can prevent 1 damage each combat. Aabbt Kindred are not
unique and do not contest.

Aabbt Kindred are one of two vampires that are currently non-unique.  This
is a strong advantage for any small vampire as you can load a crypt with
them.  They also can prevent one point of damage each combat.   This is also
important as you can effectively ignore the first unmodified hand strike
each combat.

Unfortunantly,  they have a drawback:" Aabbt Kindred cannot perform (D)
actions unless Nefertiti is ready." This drawback includes bleeds and
rushes; so without Nefertiti the only mainstream offensive strategy is
politics.  Fortunantly, there is Summoning the Serpent to ensure that you
alway get Nefertiti.

IV. Card of the Month

Summon the Serpent:
Followers of Set
2 blood

Search your crypt for a vampire with the Serpentis Discipline. Show it to
all players and place it face down in your uncontrolled region and move 1
blood from the blood bank to that uncontrolled vampire. Reshuffle your crypt

This is an excellent card for any Followers of Set trick deck as it always
ensures that you have the one vampire that you need.  Aabbt Kindred should
be able to rely on it to ensure that Nefertiti always hits the table as this
deck of the month will show.

V. Bonehead Card of the Month


 (D) Put this card on any vampire; you still control this card. [During
your] master phase, you may put a phobia counter on this card. If a minion
you control blocks the vampire with this card, you may burn five counters
from this card before range is chosen to end combat. [SER] As above, but
with +1 stealth.

Okay,  you can take an action wait, then wait five turns.  If you survive
that long you can then burn all the counters off this card if a minion you
control actually block the vampire with this card. Hello,  Hello!! Does
anyone here see a use for this card other than saying, "Hey let me tap out
with no other effect, don't worry about me over here.  I am just going to
wait five turns.  Hey, do you like botany?  We can watch a tree grow out of
the side of my head before I will get any use out of this card.  What!! you
aren't going to block this action.  I can't believe it. Gee Willikers! are
you sure you don't want to block this action." Not only is it the
penultimate bonehead card, but also it will identify you as the penultimate
bonehead player for using it.

VI.  Deck of the Month

Deck Name:   Snakes,  I hate Snakes
Created by:  Norman S. Brown, Jr
Description: The object of this deck is to get Hearts of Darkness on you
Aabbt Kindred, at superior if possible, and Force of Will after performing
an action every turn, even if that action is just to hunt.

Crypt: (12 cards) [Min: 16, Max: 28, Avg: 5]
10 Aabbt Kindred                 (for pre ser, Followers of Set, 4)
 2 Nefertiti                     (cel DOM OBF pot PRE SER, Followers of Set, 10)

Library: (89 cards)
Master (15 cards)
2  Fortitude
2  Minion Tap
1  Path of Typhon, The
2  Serpentis
2  Slave Auction
1  Temple Hunting Ground
5  Tribute to the Master

Minion (74 cards)
3  Atonement
4  Banner of Neutrality
4  Covenant of Blood
4  Daring the Dawn
1  Delaying Tactics
3  Ecstasy
10 Force of Will
6  Heart of Darkness
1  Lure of the Serpent
5  Meat Hook
1  Rapid Healing
1  Restoration
3  Skin of Rock
9  Skin of the Adder
3  Summon the Serpent
1  Superior Mettle
2  Taste of Vitae
2  Temptation
6  The Jones
5  Wake with Evening's Freshness

VII.  Conclusion

I hope everyone enjoyed this, my last Followers of Set Newsletter.  I wish
Wes the best of luck with it.  Maybe I will give the Brujah Antitribu a

Comments Welcome,
Norman S. Brown, Jr.
Archon of the Swamp