V:EKN Clan Malkavian Antitribu Newsletter, August 1999

Here is the sporadic heartily unexpected Malkavian Antitribu 
newsletter Vol. No. 1. for the left hand of Augustus (August 5th). 
I was going to spend some time sifting this information for the
newsletter that has been sitting on my computer for a few weeks, 
but instead I'll just send it.  ThE MaLKAVianS are MAD, you sEe 
(as evidenced by the random use of capital letterings in this

Malkavian Antitribu Newsletter Vol. 1 No. 1 Episode 1

1.	Interesting piece of fun.
2.	A look at some vampires.
3.	A deck.

1. Interesting piece of fun.

Why do !Malks have Dementation while Malks have Dominate?


2.	A look at some vampires.

Here are the vampires that make up this dysfunctional clan. 
The average rating for a !Malk vamp from me is 3.2 (3 is average) 
- which suggests that for vampires they are not a great clan. 

Rating System: 1-5 stars, based on worth, usefulness, disciplines, 
special ability

*** Artemis: A good vampire, good amount of disciplines for his cost, 
only has regular auspex but has regular celerity too.

** Boy Toy: An unfortunate vampire - regular dementation can't do too much.

**** Claven (or "Gary Coleman" as he is more commonly known). Your 
standard !Malk, he is great to have a couple of in a deck.
Useful for all !Malky strategies, thus the four stars.

*** Hannibal. A Cardinal, everyting at superior, regular celerity 
and regular dominate if you want to mix him with the regular Malks 
he's pretty good. His special ability is not nearly as good as Francois 
Villon's (Francois gets +1 stealth and can do steal up to 2 blood
from ANY vampire) but potentially useful.

** Imogen. A little dissapointing utimately (even if she's eating 
SOMEBODY'S ARM!!). Only has regular obfuscate. IS an archbishop,
but her special power is a little useless. While Dr. Jest can do 
something similar for free every round during untap, Imogen has to 
do it as an action, and forcing someone to discard a random card 
(which could be a useless one) and pick up a card from their ash 
heap is not very punishing. (And no, you can't use it to make 
someone put a burned vampire in their hand). Is very possibly 
too expensive if you don't need the votes. A possible fun combo 
would be to put cards back in somebody's hand that a vampire 
could later steal: 

*** Korah - A priscus, superior everything, very nice.

** Muriel Focade - A good blocker for combatty !Malk decks, but she 
doesn't have obfuscate. Put a blessings of chaos on her and let her 
fight with her +1 hand damage. However, since !Malks don't have much 
in the way of damage prevention, she could go down hard,
unless she has a new leather jacket every turn

*** Quira, The Bitch Queen - A vampire that's great to put in your 
deck just so you can say, "I will bleed you with The Bitch Queen!!"
She doesn't have dementation, but with an automatic +1 bleed she can 
still belong in your stealth bleed deck (or your block and disguised 
weapon deck, with superior obfuscate AND auspex). She could go in 
your malkavian deck for that matter. . .

**** Vasantasena - Truly a great vamp. Many a game has been won (I 
would think) because of this fine vampire. Everything at superior, 
dominate if you wanted to mix in malkavians, +1 bleed, and +1 stealth 
when bleeding a methuselah who doesn't control a ready titled vamp 
(which happens quite a bit in my games, and if he does have a titled 
vamp you can focus on getting rid of that one vamp) (what is rule about 
bleeding - only if your prey needs titled vamp?)

*** Virgil  Has celerity, and everything at superior and is a bishop. 
His special ability IS useful if you remember to use it for stealing
retainers. Not really for burning them though, though the idea of him 
going out and stealing peoples raven spys and eating them is funny, 
because he's probably not going to get much more blood than he would 
get hunting. . .though I thought of a combo with him and the giovanni. . .

*** Yorik A good vamp for your front line of stealth bleeders, he 
could also whip out a gun at any time.

1.	Sample Deck: Rabid Clowns!!!! This is a deck I used in a 
tournament a couple years ago. As I type it in, I'm realizing a lot 
of problems with it, but here it is. I think I tied for second in 
the competition, so it does have some potential. See comments after
the deck. . .


Artemis x2
Claven x1
Hannibal x 1
Korah x 1
Muriel Foucade x 1
Quira, The Bitch Queen x 1
Vasantasena x 1
Virgil x 1
Yorik x 1
Zoe x 2 

Library (Action Cards):

Bum's Rush x4
Hidden Lurker x1
Psychic Veil x1
Sacrificial Lamb x2
Atonement x2
Blessing of Chaos x3
Kindred Spirits x2
Revelations x1

(Action Modifiers):

Faceless Night x2
Lost in Crowds x5
Eyes of Chaos x5
Walk through Arcadia x1

(Reaction Cards):

Eagle's Sight x2
Enhanced Senses x5
Fast Reaction x1
Spirit's Touch x4
Wake with Evening's Freshness x5
Forced Awakening x2
Telepathic Counter x4

(Retainer Cards)

Mr. Winthrop x1

(Combat Cards)

Amaranth x1
Behind You x1
Dodge x5
Backstab x1
Coma x5
Primal Instincts x3

(Equipment Cards)

IR Goggles x1
Ivory Bow x1
Sengir Dagger x1
Leather Jacket x4

(Master Cards)

Blood Doll x2
Blood Puppy x1
Elysium: The Arboretum x1
Giant's Blood x1
Minion Tap x2
Police Department x1
Vast Wealth x1
Heidelburg Castle x1
Tomb of Ramses x1
Dementation x1
Institution Hunting Ground x1
Sermon of Caine x1

If I remember, the Revelations was very helpful in the tournament 
as it pissed my prey off to the point that he sent everyone against 
it and was rebuked. Also, as you all probably know the Blessings of 
Chaos was extremely useful - my predator in a latter game was a gangrel 
dominate deck which did a lot of form of mist - but if I had so much 
as ATTEMPTED to block his action with my Blessings of Chaos vamp he 
couldn't add any dominate action modifiers.  5 Comas was probably too 
much - it's a very expensive card. The backstab was in there as a 
little surprise (you'll notice that several !Malks have celerity 
(more on this in a later issue). Typically the deck did a little 
powerful stealth bleed but spent much of its time blocking and 
fighting. I don't know why I didn't have the Enchanted Marionette 
in there either. . . Zoe usually ended up getting dementation and 
then she was mega powerful.

Next issue: The Dementation Special
The "One of Us!" political/combat deck
A look at each of the dementation cards, individually.
Another piece of fun.