Official Malkavian Antitribu Newsletter
March 2002

Malkavian Antitribu March Newsletter
Volume 2,  Issue 3.

I.  Introduction

Sorry for the delay in getting another issue of this newsletter
out.  Things have come up at home and at work yadda yadda yadda.
Yeah, I know, there's no excuse.  So flog me already....

II.  The ever changing section

I can't think of anything profound to say at this time.  Except,
maybe, I'm wondering why there weren't any Malkavian Antitribu
in the Clan Novels.  We feel gipped.  Well, there were alot of
badass fights that we'd rather have not taken part in, so I guess
that's good.  What was that vampire at the end of Brujah?  That
fight was amazing...  It reminds of this one time at band camp...

Oh, I just remembered something I wanted to say.  No, lost it.
Oh, right.  With the Camarilla edition coming out in a few months,
what do you think is going to happen to the Malkavians?  Don't the
Malks now have Dementation in the role playing game?  Since there
has been alot of cross over between the RPG and the CCG, there isn't
much reason to think that they won't.  I mean, look at Anatole... Of
course, LSJ is always surprising us, so there's no way to be sure.
But if they do, that is going to be insulting.  I mean, we were the
special ones.  We were the ones with Dementation, not them.  They
should stick with their Dominate.  Our Dementation is much more fun.
However, if it does happen, I've got 3 words to inspire much fear:

Dementation & Madness Network.

Spread the love.

III.  Why us?

Because we're bad asses, ok.  Because we can stare down a charging
Brujah, a frenzied Gangrel and a maniacal Tzimisce and cause madness
to descend upon them or cut and run.  We may be bad asses, but we
aren't stupid.  Crazy, not stupid.  There is a distinction.

One of the better tools, when used in bulk, to shut down a deck is
Lunatic Eruption.  Here is the relevant card text (as provided by
the Card Monger):

Lunatic Eruption
Type(s): Action
Discipline(s): Dementation
Blood Cost: 2
Set(s): *Sabbat War

Card Text: (D) Put this card on any ready minion. During his or her
minion phase, the minion with this card must enter combat with a ready
minion controlled by his prey as a (D) action (unless the minion must
hunt). Any minion may burn this card as an action.
SUP: As above, and the minion taking the action to burn this card takes
one damage (damage not preventable) when this card is burned.

Revlevant Clarifications and Rulings

The mandatory attack action must be taken before any non-mandatory actions.
[LSJ 20001127]

Originally I had dismissed this card has being only marginally useful.
It cost 2 blood (which is alot, especially when the !Malks don't have
all that many avenues open to them for blood gain) and is fairly easily
burned.  Then I saw it used in a deck during the tournament in Lafayette
in January.  When I saw the first one come out, I laughed.  When I saw
the second, third and fourth put into play, I was like "Woah".  With
those cards, the player was effectively able to shut down their prey.
Not only did it tie up the !Malk's prey's minions with non-ousting actions,
but it also weakened the grand prey's minions.  Even if each combat
consisted of nothing more than a single strike for hands, it wouldn't
be long before one or the other minion went to torpor.

Sure, another player may eventually burn the Lunatic Eruptions for your
prey, but generally it's not in their immediate best interest.  Each
player is busy to oust their respective prey.  It may or may not take
several turns before your grand prey burns the Lunatic Eruptions just
to keep his minions out of constant combat, but those are turns that
you a) don't have to worry about your prey's minions doing anything
to you and b) worry about your prey ousting your grand prey.  In that
time, you can go into full bore oust mode.

The best players to pull this stunt on are your prey and your grand
predator, especially if either one are combat decks.  Particularly if
they are Assamites.  *shudder*.  Another deck that this may do well
against is an intercept wall deck.  If you have enough stealth, that is.
Lunatic Eruption will force them to eat through all/most of their
untaps just to be able to play the rest of their deck and that is
definitely a good thing.

An excellent card to follow up a Lunatic Eruption would be:

The Haunting
Type(s): Action
Discipline(s): Dementation
Set(s): *Sabbat War

Card Text: (D) Put this card on any minion. The minion with this card
burns one blood or life during his or her untap phase. Any minion can
burn this card as an action. A minion can have only one of The Haunting.
SUP: As above, but this action is at +1 stealth.

Once you nail your prey's vampires with Lunatic Eruptions, preventing
them from taking any other action, nail them with The Haunting.  Double
the blood loss fun.

IV.  Deck of the Month

Deck included in the 03/02 Newsletter to illustrate the use of Lunatic
Eruption and Haunting

Deck Name:   Spread the Love
Created By:  Mike Perlman
Description: Haunt, Erupt, and Bleed, at stealth, glued together with Freak Drive.
Fourth Place (of 15), Crusade: Lafayette, January 2002.

Crypt: (12 cards, Min: 20, Max: 32, Avg: 6.75)
2  Anatole        AUS DEM dom for OBF  8,  Malkavian
2  Ian Forestal   AUS DOM THA          8,  Tremere Antitribu
2  Theron         AUS DEM for OBF obt  8,  Malkavian Antitribu
2  Artemis        aus cel DEM for OBF  6,  Malkavian Antitribu
1  Gisela Harden  aus dem FOR NEC      7,  Harbingers of Skulls, Priscus
1  Larry          dem for pot SAN      5,  Blood Brother
1  Dolphin Black  AUS DEM OBF          6,  Malkavian Antitribu
1  Yorik          dem obf              3,  Malkavian Antitribu

Library: (90 cards)
Master (8 cards)
3  Blood Doll
1  Club Zombie
1  Dementation
1  Hungry Coyote, The
1  Institution Hunting Ground
1  Jake Washington (Hunter)

Action (43 cards)
2  Call, The
2  Derange
20 Haunting, The
6  Kindred Spirits
7  Lunatic Eruption
5  Restoration
1  Summon the Abyss

Action Modifier (20 cards)
4  Cloak the Gathering
2  Confusion
10 Freak Drive
4  Mind Tricks

Reaction (5 cards)
1  Telepathic Counter
3  Telepathic Misdirection
1  Wake with Evening's Freshness

Combat (3 cards)
1  Reality Mirror
1  Skin of Rock
1  Skin of Steel

Retainer (2 cards)
1  J. S. Simmons, Esq.
1  Tasha Morgan

Equipment (1 cards)
1  Enchanted Marionette

Combo (8 cards)
8  Deny

Variant B, post Bloodlines, includes the following changes:

Subtract:  Tasha Morgan, J.S. Simmons, 2x Haunting, Enchanted Marionette
Add:  2x Skin of Rock, Skin of Steel, 2x Fortitude

If you have a deck, comment or combo that you would like to be added
to this newsletter, please feel free to send them in!