V:EKN Malkavian Newsletter December 1998

A proper version exists below this one, which isn't mirrored.

8991 rebmeceD rettelsweN naivaklaM NKE:V

  .ssenidaer ni si gnihtyrevE

  .llor ot ydaer era sesserp gnitnirp ehT

esoht yb ,yaw rehto eht og ot detnahcne yllacigam gnieb era srorrim ehT
.syaw citsym ni delliks

.gninrael lanimilbus hguorht thgir si tfel taht thguat gnieb era elpoeP

:pets ysae eno ni dlrow eht revo ekat ot woH

);  .sdrawkcab gnihtyreve ekaM


....htnom siht tnereffid ylthgils gnihtemos ta kool a evah s'tel ,woN
.noitulove txen eht ,skced deelB-htlaetS

si taht noitulove eht si yltnecer semit lareves deton evah I gnihtemoS
htlaetS fo aera drawrofthgiarts yrev ylsuoiverp eht nihtiw gnirrucco
.esle elttil yrev dnA  .deelb dnA  .htlaets did yehT  .skced deelB

laitnatsbus rehtar gnivah meht gnidnif neeb evah I ,hguoht ,yltneceR
*rehto* hguorht ,skced eht otni dedda ecnefed tabmoc fo stnuoma
fo yaw eht ni tog ev'ew tahw ta kool a evah s'tel oS  .senilpicsid
fbo dna mod ,sua t'nera hcihw ,sklam ruo rof senilpicsid detneiro tabmoc
  .)elttil a edivorp hcihw fo lla(

SUA fbo lec - anaD nicnaD

fo ytilibixelf eht evah uoY  .seitilibissop fo dlrow a pu snepo lec
ylbissop osla ,sekirts lanoitidda dna gnisserp ,gnirevuenam ,gnigdod
,os evisnepxe etiuq s'ehs ,eripmav yticapac 6 a sA  .oot ,ekirts tsrif
.reh tcetorp ot ssima og t'ndluow sdrac lec wef a ,spahrep

MOD fbo lec sua - sreyeM idiD

neeb sah tahw fo lla ,taht ta redeelb doog nmad a dna ,yticapac 5 a sA
era skced tabmoC  !ecnefeD  .emos neht dna seog anaD nicnaD rof dias
a evah ot droffa t'nac uoy dna stnemanruot ni erom dna erom dnuof gnieb
?uoy nac ,won slerdnuocs live eht ot bmuccus idiD ekil eripmav niagrab

FBO erp rof mod sua - tseJ .rD

erp dna rof  .ytiliba laiceps gnisuma na dna negomirP a ,yticapac 8
gnideelb ta toh taht ton s'eh hguohtla ,erolpxe ot seuneva wen edivorp
etiuq eb dluow dna ,tabmoc ni llew pu dnats ot uoy swolla rof  .yllaer
esoht rednU  .uoy gnittih tpek hcihw kced elyts GI na tsniaga lufesu
ot elba gnieb ton ruoy ot eud lufesu ssel eb dluow erp ,secnatsmucric
erutuf eht fo yaw eht si rof spahrep oS  (: ti htiw nwoderatS ro ytsejaM
?hajurB eht tsniaga

FBO MOD SUA aht lec - naicuL

lec tub gib s'eH  .gniht tnempiuqe laets sih htiw racitsuJ ,yticapac 01
ta llew os krow t'now doolb gnilaets derrulB  .noitanibmoc looc a si aht
gnol ot revuenam nac uoy ,dnefed ot tnaw uoy fi rO  (: .hguoht ,roirefni
eht rof tuo hctaW  .ytirelec htiw egdod ro ,senilpicsid htob htiw egnar
thgif" fo euqinhcet detevoc eht esu uoy stel aht ,revewoH  .hguoht GI
.ecaep ni uoy evael ll'yeht ebyam taht os "kcab

FBO MOD aht sua - rednuhT ydaL ,leiraM

tub ,laiceps reh htiw ,uoy rof seripmav rehto ruoy dnefed nac ehs ,lleW
ehs tub ,noitpo flesreh dnefed eht no tuo sesol ehs ,lleW  ?flesreh rof
era stfehT wef A  .ygrutamuahT htiw elyts ni ti od dna kcab tih *nac*
.tpmetta hctid ,tsal a sa thgilnuS fo tsruB a ebyam ro ,doog syawla

FBO ROF MOD SUA top - roolF ht31 eht fo xirtceR ,ennaxoR

fi drah tuo tih ot reh wolla top dna ROF  !resoh eineew dna yticapac 9
rap redeelb a reh ekam yticapac dna senilpicsid reH  .dekcolb s'ehs
,seineew ruoy hsur ,egamad ruoy tneverp ,drah tih nac ehS  .ecnellecxe
.egakcap elttil taen eno ni lla dna dekcolb nehw uoy eracs

FBO SUA erp mod ina - smmiS retsevlyS

.elpparG latrommI eht rof tuo hctaw tub ,sdne tabmoc rof desu eb nac erp
uoy pleh nac staB morf diA dna yznerF rorreT  .hguoht ,nuf si msilaminA
staB morf diA  ); oot ees uoy snopaew yna esoh dna ,egnar gnol eetnaraug
eb dluoc edroH eninaC dna ,oot ,meht tih ot ytiliba thgils a uoy sevig
noirraC ,ytinereS fo gnoS  .puorg ruoy ni tnelaverp si tnempiuqe fi desu
B&S a ni ,emit eht droffa uoy fI  .oot krow kraD eht ni gnoS dna sworC
.oot tuo pleh ot ereht era sreniater s'msilaminA ,t'nac uoy ebyam ,kced
uoy tub )roirepus ni tsevni uoy fi segdod on( pleh yam gnitS noiprocS
.pu ti kcab yllaer t'nac

FBO orp mod sua - nolubeZ

htrow t'nsi ebyam nolubeZ ,redeelb a toh taht ton dna ,evif ylno tA
detavargga ,egamad tneverP  !looc os si orp tuB  .ni emit eht gnitsevni
nuf doog rehto emos sedivorp orP  .og-og-a sesserp dna srevuenam ,egamad
ta llew yllaer skrow ti ,enilpicsid tabmoc a sa tub ,oot snoitpo
.nuf fo stoL  .roirefni

SUA FBO orp mod - nessrednA regerG

,tuB  .ereh eurt si nolubeZ htiw dias neeb s'taht gnihtyreve ,yllacisaB
.gnitcetorp fo troffe eht htrow llew s'eh ,ecnirp a dna yticapac 7 ta
)mod roirefni ylno( deelb htlaets thgiarts ni toh os ton ebyam ,niagA
.gniredisnoc htrow s'ti ,llits tub

ERP SUA FBO lec mod - ordnaeL

t'nsi lec dna ,GI tsniaga sselesu si ERP  .senilpicsid fo tes toh a toN
,ton fi tub ,yawa revuenam nac uoY  .rehtie GI tsniaga ecnefed rof toh
yllaicepse ,spahrep ,daor eht fo elddim elttil A  .kcuts er'uoy ,llew
regnuoy ni elbissimrep si ecnefed fo kcaL  .lufrewop dna gib os eno rof
rehtie ecnefed rof taerg t'nsi naicuL ,hguohtlA .....ereh tub seripmav
evah dluow rof fo pord A  .gnihtyreve dna taerg si ordnaeL ,llits tub
  .evah uoy tahw htiw krow uoy ,llits tub ecin neeb

lec SUA fbo - eoZ/airotciV

htlaets a ni eb yeht dluow os ,gnideelb rof taerg ton ,seripmav elttiL
dna srevuenaM  .ecnefed elpmis a sedivorp ,hguoht ,lec ehT  ?kced deelb
rehtar ,elbaecalper gnieb fo sunob eht teg ylbaborp yeht dnA  .segdod
  .sevitanretla sselenilpicsid naht

iuq erp MOD SUA - oivattO suilenroC

eht neve rof tluciffid si iuQ  .erehwesle yako si tub GI ot sreffus erp
sknihteM  ?ti eganam ot gniog suilenroC si os ,llew esu ot setimassA
gnol dna egamad detavargga emos sedivorp tI  .ti tnuocsid t'nod tub ,ton
tsniaga pu emoc ot gniog er'uoy kniht t'nod uoy fi ,egamad egnar
gnitteS  .daetsni meht ta pop ot tnaw dna tabmoc ni tluciffid gnihtyna
slliks eht evah t'nod uoy dna ,hguoht ,iuq htiw tnatropmi si egnar eht
*hgis*  .ti od ot

sua top lec MOD - soneksamaD

lec  .deelb htlaets ni ecalp fo tuo eb dluow ohw tub ekil I eripmav A
,esruoc FO  .ot meht tnaw uoy fi ycarucca ekil hajurB edivorp top dna
tnuoma etunim a edivorp nac lec ,seripmav rehto eht lla rof seog ti dna
tsniaga lufesu spahreP  .pilsediS fo epahs eht ni ,noitneverp egamad fo
  ).hguoht ,gnitS noiprocS rof tuo hctaW(  ?lergnaG eht

,kced ruoy gniyfisrevid redisnoc ebyaM  .tsael ta ,elbissop s'ti ,lleW
taht tuohtiw ,weiv ym ni ,no decnuort gnieb si B&S thgiarts ecnis
.flesti dnefed ot ytiliba
)eceiphtuoM naivaklaM( epuoC semaJ

krowteN derdniK redlE :eripmaV

And now, the non-mirrored version:

V:EKN Malkavian Newsletter December 1998

Everything is in readiness.  

The printing presses are ready to roll.  

The mirrors are being magically enchanted to go the other way, by those
skilled in mystic ways.

People are being taught that left is right through subliminal learning.

How to take over the world in one easy step:

Make everything backwards.  ;)


Now, let's have a look at something slightly different this month....
Stealth-Bleed decks, the next evolution.

Something I have noted several times recently is the evolution that is
occurring within the previously very straightforward area of Stealth
Bleed decks.  They did stealth.  And bleed.  And very little else.

Recently, though, I have been finding them having rather substantial
amounts of combat defence added into the decks, through *other*
disciplines.  So let's have a look at what we've got in the way of
combat oriented disciplines for our malks, which aren't aus, dom and obf
(all of which provide a little).  

Dancin Dana - cel obf AUS

cel opens up a world of possibilities.  You have the flexibility of
dodging, maneuvering, pressing and additional strikes, also possibly
first strike, too.  As a 6 capacity vampire, she's quite expensive so,
perhaps, a few cel cards wouldn't go amiss to protect her.

Didi Meyers - aus cel obf DOM

As a 5 capacity, and a damn good bleeder at that, all of what has been
said for Dancin Dana goes and then some.  Defence!  Combat decks are
being found more and more in tournaments and you can't afford to have a
bargain vampire like Didi succumb to the evil scoundrels now, can you?

Dr. Jest - aus dom for pre OBF

8 capacity, a Primogen and an amusing special ability.  for and pre
provide new avenues to explore, although he's not that hot at bleeding
really.  for allows you to stand up well in combat, and would be quite
useful against an IG style deck which kept hitting you.  Under those
circumstances, pre would be less useful due to your not being able to
Majesty or Staredown with it :(  So perhaps for is the way of the future
against the Brujah?

Lucian - cel tha AUS DOM OBF

10 capacity, Justicar with his steal equipment thing.  He's big but cel
tha is a cool combination.  Blurred stealing blood won't work so well at
inferior, though. :(  Or if you want to defend, you can maneuver to long
range with both disciplines, or dodge with celerity.  Watch out for the
IG though.  However, tha lets you use the coveted technique of "fight
back" so that maybe they'll leave you in peace.

Mariel, Lady Thunder - aus tha DOM OBF

Well, she can defend your other vampires for you, with her special, but
for herself?  Well, she loses out on the defend herself option, but she
*can* hit back and do it in style with Thaumaturgy.  A few Thefts are
always good, or maybe a Burst of Sunlight as a last, ditch attempt.

Roxanne, Rectrix of the 13th Floor - pot AUS DOM FOR OBF

9 capacity and weenie hoser!  FOR and pot allow her to hit out hard if
she's blocked.  Her disciplines and capacity make her a bleeder par
excellence.  She can hit hard, prevent your damage, rush your weenies,
scare you when blocked and all in one neat little package.

Sylvester Simms - ani dom pre AUS OBF

pre can be used for combat ends, but watch out for the Immortal Grapple.
Animalism is fun, though.  Terror Frenzy and Aid from Bats can help you
guarantee long range, and hose any weapons you see too ;)  Aid from Bats
gives you a slight ability to hit them, too, and Canine Horde could be
used if equipment is prevalent in your group.  Song of Serenity, Carrion
Crows and Song in the Dark work too.  If you afford the time, in a S&B
deck, maybe you can't, Animalism's retainers are there to help out too.
Scorpion Sting may help (no dodges if you invest in superior) but you
can't really back it up.

Zebulon - aus dom pro OBF

At only five, and not that hot a bleeder, Zebulon maybe isn't worth
investing the time in.  But pro is so cool!  Prevent damage, aggravated
damage, maneuvers and presses a-go-go.  Pro provides some other good fun
options too, but as a combat discipline, it works really well at
inferior.  Lots of fun.

Greger Anderssen - dom pro OBF AUS

Basically, everything that's been said with Zebulon is true here.  But,
at 7 capacity and a prince, he's well worth the effort of protecting.
Again, maybe not so hot in straight stealth bleed (only inferior dom)
but still, it's worth considering.

Leandro - dom cel OBF AUS PRE

Not a hot set of disciplines.  PRE is useless against IG, and cel isn't
hot for defence against IG either.  You can maneuver away, but if not,
well, you're stuck.  A little middle of the road, perhaps, especially
for one so big and powerful.  Lack of defence is permissible in younger
vampires but here..... Although, Lucian isn't great for defence either
but still, Leandro is great and everything.  A drop of for would have
been nice but still, you work with what you have.  

Victoria/Zoe - obf AUS cel

Little vampires, not great for bleeding, so would they be in a stealth
bleed deck?  The cel, though, provides a simple defence.  Maneuvers and
dodges.  And they probably get the bonus of being replaceable, rather
than disciplineless alternatives.  

Cornelius Ottavio - AUS DOM pre qui

pre suffers to IG but is okay elsewhere.  Qui is difficult for even the
Assamites to use well, so is Cornelius going to manage it?  Methinks
not, but don't discount it.  It provides some aggravated damage and long
range damage, if you don't think you're going to come up against
anything difficult in combat and want to pop at them instead.  Setting
the range is important with qui, though, and you don't have the skills
to do it.  *sigh*

Damaskenos - DOM cel pot aus

A vampire I like but who would be out of place in stealth bleed.  cel
and pot provide Brujah like accuracy if you want them to.  OF course,
and it goes for all the other vampires, cel can provide a minute amount
of damage prevention, in the shape of Sideslip.  Perhaps useful against
the Gangrel?  (Watch out for Scorpion Sting, though.)  

Well, it's possible, at least.  Maybe consider diversifying your deck,
since straight S&B is being trounced on, in my view, without that
ability to defend itself.
James Coupe (Malkavian Mouthpiece)
Vampire: Elder Kindred Network