In this issue:

Introduction: Making Friends with the Samedi
Card of the Month: Coroner's Contact 
Vampire of the Month: Lithrac
Deck of the Month: Voting the Graveyard
Appendix: Samedi Body Count (Samedi/Thanatosis Spoilers)

Introduction: Making Friends with the Samedi

Papa Legba, open the gate for me, open!
Atibon Legba, open the gate for me,
Open the gate for me, Papa, for me to pass,
When I return, I will thank the lwa.
-- Vodun Invocation (call to Legba)

You're going to notice a few differences between this Bloodline
newsletter and the clan newsletters. In particular, this newsletter
won't always focus on decks based mainly on Samedi and their powers.
Oh, there will be Samedi-dominated and Samedi-only decks, but because
the Bloodlines cards were designed to flesh out and extend existing
decks rather than stand on their own, I feel obligated to show how
just a single Samedi in the crypt can make an enormous difference.

Card of the Month: Coroner's Contact 

Coroner's Contact
1 pool 
Master. Go through your crypt to find a Samedi vampire. Show it to all
players and place it in your uncontrolled region. Move one blood from
the blood bank to that uncontrolled Samedi.

This is the card that allows you to build an effective crypt with just
a single Samedi.

So long as you have Samedi in your crypt, this lovely card trumps
Effective Management, Recruitment and The Stranger Among Us. Like EM,
you get to move a vampire from your crypt to your uncontrolled region
without spending four transfers. It does cost a pool, but you get to
put that pool on the vampire, which means you're effectively getting
another free transfer. That makes it superior to Recruitment (2 pool)
and The Stranger Among Us (1 pool), but as with those cards, Coroner's
Contact allows you to look through your crypt and choose which vampire
you move out. The extra blood you slide on can be quite convenient: if
the vampire you choose from your crypt is Lithrac, you can get him out
in one turn. If it's the Baron, you can get him out in two.

Coroner's Contract works equally well in mixed decks and all-Samedi
decks. You can use it to bring out a single Samedi if and when you
need him, or you can use it to get a full selection of Samedi into
your uncontrolled region. Too bad there aren't more small Samedi to
field! At their average capacity of 7, you won't find it easy to
influence out all six of the Samedi.

Vampire of the Month: Lithrac

5 Capacity 
for OBF thn 
Camarilla: If a blood hunt is called on Lithrac, his controller gets 2
additional votes in that referendum. Lithrac gets +1 stealth when
taking an action to enter combat with another minion.

Many Samedi make an unliving out of doing other Kindreds' dirty work,
and Lithrac is clearly one such Samedi. His special abilities suggest
that he works as an assassin or semiofficial Scourge, giving him
plenty of flavor and some utility. Having the extra two bloodhunt
votes isn't as useful as having an Archon or a Prince, but they make
diablerie a shade more appealing. The +1 stealth on rush actions makes
it difficult for your targets to block Lithrac's Bum's Rush and Ambush
actions, so Lithrac is more likely to have a maneuver to use.

For most people, however, it's Lithrac's disciplines that will make
him interesting. Lithrac is the smallest vampire with both fortitude
and obfuscate--superior obfuscate, at that. He's also the smallest
Samedi and the smallest vampire with thanatosis, and therefore the
cheapest option for decks that want to play with the Samedi's toys.
Finally, Lithrac is a Camarilla vampire, which makes him eligible for
certain cards that most Samedi aren't--Praxis Seizure, for example.

For all these reasons, Lithrac makes an excellent support vampire. You
might use him to play Cloak the Gathering, or Mask of 1,000 Faces and
Faceless Night for a Ventrue law firm deck, for example. You might use
him to add Thanatosis nastiness to an Assamite, Nosferatu or !Gangrel
rush deck. Or you might simply slip him into your tournament-ready
Obfuscate mono-discipline deck next to Tansu, Zebulon and Grendel the

Training Deck of the Month: Voting the Graveyard

Since it will take considerable analysis of the new Bloodlines cards
before I can present a competitive Samedi deck, I've decided to take a
different approach this month and present a deck that is designed not
to win, but to instruct.

Most political decks are built in the hope that they will be able to
force their votes through over the objections of other Methuselahs.
This month's training deck deliberately excludes that option. It
includes plenty of political actions, but to pass them you'll have to
forge a coalition for every referendum. The deck includes Bribes, but
if you use your imagination, you'll find other ways to bribe your
fellow Methuselahs: offer them Consanguinous Boons naming their clans,
put KRC points on their prey, Blackmail their prey's designated
blockers, sell them intercept from your media master cards, rescue
torpored vamps in exchange for future vote support. . . with a little
practice, you'll soon be an expert in table dealing, and you'll be
proud of any victory points you earned.

Despite its lack of votes, the deck does have several things going for
it. Its vamps are all small and sneaky, yet this deck won't trigger
hysterical anti-weenie cross-table attacks. Also, since the deck
doesn't include Bewitching Oration and the like, it can fit in a wide
selection of votes. Don't hesitate to drop a vote card in every
referendum called by other Methuselahs.

No one likes to waste actions diablerizing weenies with no blood on
them. So should you wind up with a weenie in torpor (as seems likely),
you may eventually be able to drop a fortitude skill card on him and
use Rapid Healing to revive him.

If you play with the same group of Methuselahs, some will learn to
play along with this deck after just a game or two. So, once you've
played this deck a few times and have learned what you can from it,
play it again with 5 Cryptic Riders thrown in and some Praxis Seizures
swapped for whatever votes were least useful. The relatively easy
victory should put a smile on your face, and your competition will
learn an important lesson too: never assume your opponent is playing
the same deck.

Crypt: (13 vamps, 3.38 average, 10 smallest, 19 largest)

Normal (Malkavian, 2, obf)
Dimple (Nosferatu, 2, obf)
Duck (Nosferatu, 3, obf)
Panagos Levidis (Gangrel, 3, obf)
Zoe (Malkavian, 3, obf)
Dollface (Malkavian, 3, obf)
Watenda (Malkavian, 3, obf)
Regilio, the Seeker of Akhenaten (Nosferatu, 3, obf)
Dan Murdock (Caitiff, 3, obf)
Agrippina (Nosferatu, 4, OBF)
Zebulon (Malkavian, 5, OBF)
Grendel the Worm-Eaten (Nosferatu, 5, OBF)
Lithrac (Samedi, 5, OBF, for)

Library: 85

Masters: 13
Archon Investigation x 2
Blood Doll x 3
Coroner's Contact x 2
Fortitude x 3
London Evening Star
Powerbase: Rome 
The Rumor Mill 

Minion: 71
Blackmail x 4
Consanguinous Boon x 5
Conservative Agitation x 3
Disputed Territory x 3
Domain Challenge x 2
Dramatic Upheaval x 2
Justicar Retribution x 2
Kine Resources Contested x 3
Malkavian Justicar 
Nosferatu Justicar
National Guard Support x 2
Rapid Healing x 3
Rumors of Gehenna x 2
Sacrifical Lamb x 2

Bribes x 6
Cloak the Gathering x 5
Faceless Night x 5
Freak Drive x 3
Lost in Crowds x 5
Swallowed by the Night x 5

Dodge x 4
Resilience x 2
Skin of Steel x 2

Appendix: The Body Count (Samedi/Thanatosis Spoilers)

Here are the texts of all Samedi vampires, Thanatosis cards, Samedi
clan toys and other cards of particular interest to the clan from
Bloodlines. Forgive this unadorned list: each of these cards will be
discussed in depth in future issues of this newsletter. I'm listing
them here for people making their trades.

5 Capacity 
for OBF thn 
Camarilla: If a blood hunt is called on Lithrac, his controller gets 2
additional votes in that referendum. Lithrac gets +1 stealth when
taking an action to enter combat with another minion.

George Fredrick
6 Capacity 
FOR nec obf THN 

Jorge de la Muerte, the Agent 
7 Capacity 
cel for nec OBF THN 
Sabbat: Jorge gets +1 bleed when bleeding a Methuselah who controls a
ready Sabbat vampire.

Jack Dawson
7 Capacity 
cel FOR nec OBF qui thn 
Independent: When you move Jack from your uncontrolled region to your
ready region, you may equip him with a weapon card from your hand (pay
the cost to equip as normal).

Reg Driscoll 
8 Capacity 
aus for OBF pre THN 
Independent: If Reg performs a successful equip action, you may move
the equipment to any ready minion you control. +1 bleed.

The Baron
9 Capacity 
Independent: 2 votes, +1 bleed, during your untap phase, if the Baron
is ready you may look at the hand of each Methuselah controlling a
ready Giovanni.

Unre, Keeper of Golgotha
Harbinger of Skulls
9 Capacity
AUS dom FOR NEC ser thn
Sabbat Bishop: If a minion opposing Unre in combat is burned, put a
trap counter on her. Unre gets +1 intercept for each trap counter she
has. +1 bleed

Ashes to Ashes
for : Only usable by a vampire being burned; he or she is sent into
torpor instead.
thn : Prevent all damage. This vampire untaps and goes to torpor
(ending combat).
THN : As thn above, and this vampire gains 2 blood from the blood

2 blood 
[pot]: Strike: strength+2 damage. 
[thn]: Strike: 2 aggravated damage. 
[THN]: Strike: 3 aggravated damage. 

Dirty Contract 
Burn Option Samedi 
Master: Contract. Put this card on a minion and choose a Samedi in
play. The chosen Samedi can enter combat with the minion with this
card as a +1 stealth (D) action unless they are controlled by the same
Methuselah. This card cannot be played on a Nosferatu or Giovanni.

Dust to Dust 
obf : Press, only usable to end combat 
thn : Strike: Dodge, with an option to press. 
THN : As thn above, with an optional maneuver. 

Elemental Stoicism 
for : Prevent 1 non-aggravated damage
for/obf : The vampire treats all aggravated damage as normal damage
for the remainder of the combat.
FOR/OBF : +1 stealth action. Put this card on this acting vampire. The
vampire with this card treats aggravated damage done in combat as
normal damage. Burn this card if this vampire goes to torpor.

Hag's Wrinkles  
Action Modifier 
Only usable on an equip action.
obf : +2 stealth 
thn : Untap this acting vampire if the action is successful.
THN : As thn above, but at +1 stealth.

2 blood 
for : Prevent all damage from the opponent's strikes this round. 
thn : Prevent all damage to a ghoul (ally or retainer) in combat.
Usable by a vampire not involved in the combat.
THN : Only usable at the end of a round in which this vampire
successfully inflicted damage on the opposing vampire. Put this card
on the opposing vampire. The vampire with this card cannot block the
vampire playing this card.

1 blood 
pre : Strike: Combat Ends 
thn : Strike: 1 damage. Put this card on the opposing minion. The
minion with this card has -1 stealth. He or she may burn this card
instead of untapping as normal during his or her untap phase. A minion
may have only one Putrefaction.
THN : As thn above, and this minion takes 1 unpreventable damage when
he or she strikes in combat or takes an action. The minion with this
card may choose not to strike during the Choose Strike step of combat.

Regenerative Blood
Unique Master. Put this card on a Samedi you control. The Samedi with
this card can heal 2 damage for each blood counter he or she burns.

Rigor Mortis 
1 blood 
Only usable before range is determined. A minion can play only one
Rigor Mortis each round.
pre : The opposing minion cannot use any additional strikes this
thn : As pre above, with an optional press. 
THN : As thn above, and once each round, you may cancel a maneuver
used by the opposing minion.

ani : Strike: 1R damage. 
thn : Strike: strength damage. Place this card on the opposing minion.
The minion with this card has -1 strength. Burn this card during his
or her controller's next discard phase.
THN : As thn above, and the minion with this card cannot play cards
that require any Disciplines.

Thanks for reading. I'm interested in hearing any comments or
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