VEKN Official Clan Tremere Newsletter
March 2002

VEKN Official Clan Tremere Newsletter March 2002
Volume 3, Issue 2 March 20, 2002

Please direct all correspondence and commentary to Xian.

I don't have anything really new and exciting this month, but I think I'll
copy Peter, and talk about the "outferior" (how I hate that word...there was
a suggestion I liked better, but I can't remember it now) cards for Dominate
that were added in Bloodlines, since Dominate is generally the discipline
that Tremere decks use for actual ousting and such. I do have a good deck
from the Prince of Minneapolis, Mark Shanewood, and my usual thoughts on how
to use the Tremere, which I am repeating, just to keep hammering it home.
And away we go...

Cards of the Month
Absorb the Mind
[dom]: Strike: dodge
[myt]: Strike: ranged. Steal 1 blood.
[MYT]: Strike: ranged. Steal 1 blood and steal 1 Master: Discipline card
from the opposing minion and put it on this striking vampire

Nice. A Dodge for the Tremere. I haven't used it for this purpose yet, but I
see it coming in handy in the future. It's mostly going to help out against
the Gangrel, I think. The Nosferatu or the Brujah have Immortal Grapple, and
the Brujah and the Assamites have additional strikes, so we won't get any
help there, but I'll use a dodge against a 1 agg poke any day.

Clio's Kiss
1 blood
+1 stealth action
[dom]: (D) Burn 1 pool from a Methuselah who is contesting a card with you.
[tem]: Exchange any card in your hand for any non-Master, non-unique library
card in your ash heap.
[TEM]: (D) Choose a vampire card anotehr Methuselah is contesting with you.
That Methuselah yields that copy. If there are no other Methuselahs
contesting the vampire, place your copy of the vampire face up in your
controlled region, untapped.

Hmm. Nothing too exciting, but could definitely be used for amusing trick
with Thanks for the Donation. Much more useful with the Temporis levels.

Spirit Marionette
[dom]: (D) Bleed at +1 bleed.
[obe]: (D) Bleed at +1 bleed and tap a ready minino controlled by your pre
(even if the target of the bleed is changed).
[OBE]: +1 stealth action. (D) Take control of any ready untapped minion
until the end of the next action. That minion must bleed your prey unless he
or she must hunt.

Again, nothing exciting, but perhaps lends some variety for card limit
environments or limited format events.

Steal the Mind
1 blood
[dom]: (D) Tap any minion.
[myt]: (D) Put this card on a ready minion. This acting vampire gets +2
intercept when attempting to block that minion. Any minion can burn this
card as an action.
[MYT]: As [myt] above, and the vampire with this card gets -1 bleed when
bleeding this acting vampire's controller.

Very interesting. Not at stealth, but it provides an effect that Dominate
did not have previously. Inferior to the [aus] version of Art's Traumatic
Essence, but not by much. Might add something to a bruise and bleed deck in
the form ofeither allowing you to tap out another vampire, or get into
combat. In general, I'd rather have a Bum's Rush most of the time, but it
could definitely prove useful.

Strategy Corner
Thoughts about what the Tremere are used for:

To start off with, obviously if you're using the Tremere as a clan, you want
to be using Thaumaturgy. If you're not using Thaumaturgy, why are you using
the Tremere? Why not use the Malkavians for their Auspex and Dominate
instead, or the Ventrue Antitribu? Note, however, that Thaumaturgy, while it
appears to be a combat discipline, it cannot stand alone. I've said this
before, and I think it bears frequent repeating, at least for any new
readers, and for anyone that persists in treating it as a combat discipline
and then complains about not being able to win with it: Thaumaturgy needs
support. At minimum, you should be playing with either Thoughts Betrayed or
Telepathic Tracking. Even then, the Gangrel, Tzimisce, Brujah, and Nosferatu
(your basic agg poke and potence Immortal Grapple decks) will still destroy
you, unless you have a lot of maneuvers. It can help to include Celerity or
Fortitude, but this does tend to drastically limit the vampires you can pick
from, or necessitate a large number of skill cards. Remember that maneuvers
are your friend. Since you are using Thaumaturgy, make sure you investigate
all options, and use the most appropriate card for what you want to do,
since there are many different variations on similar themes...Blood Fury,
Blood Rage, and Soul Burn come to mind. Make sure that you pick the exact
card that works with your deck, do not just throw in a few of
will draw the one you do not need at the worst time. Don't shy away from
variety, but in any circumstance, you probably only need two of the three
cards mentioned, choosing to go with one of Blood Fury or Blood Rage, and
adding some Soul Burn in case you get to long range. Much like this, all of
your other card selections should be carefully considered, so that there is
little overlap.

Classically, it seems that the Tremere have been played as a combat
intercept clan. This can work, but given the current tournament rules, it
might be a less than optimal manner of winning. Thus, Dominate is really the
second component of successful Tremere decks. Govern the Unaligned,
Deflection, Thoughts Betrayed, Seduction, bleed modifiers; these are all
excellent reasons to use Dominate. Dominate will give you the punch you need
to oust your prey, and it can provide protection against bleed, votes, and
combat. If you fail to include Dominate, make sure that you have adequate
defenses against the primary strategies, otherwise, you will lose.

Auspex is an incredibly useful discipline, but it should not be the primary
focus of your deck, unless you have some trick you are backing it up with.
Pulse of the Canaille is a great card, Rotschreck is a good trick to use
with Auspex (and Burst of Flame), and I am taking an increasing shine to
Fast Reactions, but even if you include ten or twelve Eagle's Sight in your
deck, you cannot hope to oust your prey through intercept alone. Use Auspex
to intercept the really crucial actions, but in general, save your vampires
for going forward; intercept can work, but more often than not, it simply
slows the table down and lets someone else win.

Deck of the Month
Title: This is the Law of the Plague

Author: WMW

Crypt (12)

1x Aisling Sturbridge
1x Ignatius
2x Blythe Candeleria
2x Sarah Cobbler
1x Dr. John Casey
1x Heinrick Schlempt
1x Roreca Quaid
1x Jing Wei
1x Hannigan
1x Samat Ramal-Ra, Archon

Min: 10, Max: 19, Avg: 3.67

Library (80)

Master (16)

1x Arcane Library
4x Serpentis
3x Society of Leopold
1x Strained Vitae Supply
2x Sudden Reversal
4x Tribute to the Master
1x Vampiric Disease

Actions (28):
8x Computer Hacking
12x Cryptic Mission
4x Form of Corruption
2x Seeds of Corruption
2x Temptation

Ally (2):
2x Rafastio Ghoul Combat (16):
5x Fake Out (Skin of the Chameleon might be substituted)
10x Theft of Vitae

Reactions (16):
6x Deflection
4x Delaying Tactics
2x Extortion (intended to be played on blocked 0-stealth hunts) 4x Wake with
Evening's Freshness (might add two more, but generally I don't find it a
problem to leave somebody untapped)

Retainers (2):
2x Charnas the Imp

Theory: Bring out your whole crypt ASAP. Slow your predator down first- if
they can't get a quick start because they're hunting or low on blood,
they're unlikely to put much pressure on. Then work over your prey. Key -
bring out your designated bouncer early, and get ser ASAP. Jedi Mind Tricks
are your friend - people will not block bleeds for one if they fear you are
going to steal all their blood and then sic the Society on them or steal
their minion. Act as if you have more Societies than you do. Only play the
Computer Hackings, Forms, and Temptations when they CAN'T block - or when
you WANT them to.

Comments from Xian: This deck is really funny. Except when it can't find the
Serpentis skill cards. Then it's not so good. I'd consider adding one or two
more skill cards, and some Form of the Serpent, for stealth on those Form of
Corruption actions. You could get fancier, and add Dominate and Seduction,
but that would do bad things to the crypt and master selection. All in all,
it's an interesting deck, but when I've seen it played, it has frequently
had trouble ousting. Then again, it could have just been the competition; in
a different metagame, the deck might fare better. Still, it's a really
interesting twist on the old Cryptic Mission deck. Plus, Mark thinks up way
better deck names than I do.

That's it for now. Please feel free to comment on the newsgroup, or send me
suggestions (or submissions) via email.

Chronicler of Clan Tremere

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