V:EKN Clan Tzimisce Newsletter, June 1999

June 1999; Volume 1, Issue 2
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In this issue
I. Tourney Report: Gamex 99
II. Deck of the Month: Tzimisce Ghoul N' Gain

I. Tourney Report
Gamex 99: Los Angeles, California, May 29-30
After building decks 'til dawn Friday night, driving from Columbia to
Charlotte to catch the 8 am flight to LA, I was off and ready for two
days worth of non-stop Jyhad play. I figured I could sleep for 4 hrs on
the plane. As the story goes, I wasn't able to sleep at all on the
flight. It seems, it's against USAir policy to spread two handfuls of
native soil on your seat, thus leading to my inability to obtain any
type of useful rest on the flight.
So how'd the Tzimisce Fair? You may ask.
The performance of my little Tzimisce stealth & bleed deck gained only
marginal success missing the finals of tournament one, by only a  VP.
In the two rounds played, the deck gained 1 VP each round due to the
playing of Life Boon when my predator got ousted. In general, things
were working well for the deck, but the inability to draw a War Ghoul,
made play a little dull.
In tournament three, round one, I encountered another Tzimisce deck. It
appeared be an intercept/combat deck/The Great Wall of Flesh. It gained
a  VP in that round, as the table went to time. I wasn't able to track
it in the second round, but I don't believe it made it to the finals.
Have you played a Tzimisce deck in a tournament lately? If you have let
me know, and I'll put results in the following newsletters.

II. Deck of the Month
Tzimisce Ghoul N' Gain
The primary focus for this deck is Dominate and Vicissitude to create a
light stealth bleed deck. The deck is really built around Lambach DOM
VIS, 10 cap. Without him it'll work but you'll need to get to your
skill cards.
Christine Boscacci, is definitely the weenie workhorse of the crypt,
dom vis, 2 cap. Ramiro is a close second but he is a 4 cap.
Scouting Mission/Redirection vs. Governs/Deflections
The reasoning here is blood consumption. With so many other cards
pulling blood of the minions I opted for bloodless bleed cards. For
greater punch, by all means replace the Scouting Missions with Governs.
War Ghouls are there to carve out an easy path. I currently only posses
four. If I had more, I'd put them in.
Pool Gain: Blood Doll/Hunting ground and Scouting Mission in (Sup) if
Bleed Defense: Redirection
Combat Defense: Don't go down without a fight. Aggravated hand damage,
couple of ranged aggravated strikes
When all else fails: Life Boon, your predator if he gets ousted grab
yourself a VP
2x Christine Boscacci (Pander, 2, do vi)
1x Dominique (Ventrue Antitribu, 7, an AU do FO vi)
2x Horatio (Tzimisce, 2, vi)
3x Lambach (Tzimisce, 10, AN AU DO pr VI, Cardinal)
1x Ramiro (Lasombra, 4, do ot vi)
1x Royce (Pander, 1, do)
1x Samson (Ventrue Antitribu, 2, do)
1x Violet Tremain (Tzimisce, 6, do pr th vi, Bishop)
12 Vampires (Avg Cap: 4.83, Best Draw: 7, Worst Draw: 37)
Library: (88 cards)
Master: (13)
3x Blood Doll
4x Dominate
1x The Hungry Coyote
2x Information Highway
1x Library Hunting Ground
1x Life Boon
2x Recruitment
Actions: (12)
2x Grave Robbing
12x Scouting Mission
Action Mods: (15)
5x Bonding
5x Changeling
3x Plasmic Form
2x Scrying of Secrets
Combat: (12)
4x Body Arsenal
2x Bonecraft
2x Breath of the Dragon
4x Fleshcraft
Reaction: (20)
10x Redirection
3x Forced Awakening
7x Wake with Evening's Freshness
Equipment/Retainers: (9)
1x Ghoul Escort
1x J. S. Simmons, Esq.
1x Jackie Therman
1x Living Manse
1x Mr. Winthrop
1x Owl Companion
1x Palatial Estate
2x Revenant
Allies: (4)
4x War Ghoul

Letters to the Editor
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general discussion, or corrections, please feel free to contact me.


Editor: Joe Churchill
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