Vampire: The Eternal Struggle

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I host some V:TES websites that were long considered dead and gone.
Witness the details on the Rise From Your Grave! page.

I have maintained a number of V:TES web sites for internet personalities that have frequented the Usenet newsgroup Many of them are much less active online all of these years later. These sites are hosted by Tripod/Lycos, so you may be assaulted by pop-ups or in-page ads that do not support V:TES, the authors of the content, or the site maintainer.

Blue Devil V:TES, for David Cherryholmes

V:EKN Columbus, Ohio, for Jay Kristoff

V:TES Hunter-net, for John Newquist

Legbiter's When Will You Rage, for James McClellan

Org Play's Eternal Struggle, for Oscar Garza

UniqueMaster's V:TES, for Mike Ooi

Wanderer's Counsel, for Wanderer's Counsel

I also maintain a pair of mailing lists, for the archiving of decks and newsletters. Yahoo Groups hosts these.

Rec.Games.Trading-Cards.Jyhad deck archive, with over 40 new decks every month since 2001.

Clan Newsletters, with every one as they are published on the Usenet newsgroup

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