Vampire: The Eternal Struggle

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Releases, i.e. Sets and expansions

Heirs to the Blood was released on February 3rd, 2010.

Ebony Kingdom has been announced for a May 27, 2009 release date.

Keepers of Tradition had a November 19, 2008 release.

Twilight Rebellion was released on May 28, 2008.

Blood Shadowed Court was released April 15, 2008.

Lords of the Night is announced for September 2007, and the previews have begun at the same location.
Game Trade Magazine featured Lords of the Night as their cover story with issue 91.

Gaming had details about the Sword of Caine set that is to be released in March 2007.
The Sword of Caine previews have begun.

Third Edition was voted the best CCG Expansion of 2006 by Inquest Gamer magazine.

White Wolf announces Sabbat 3rd Edition set for Late Summer Release, September 4th, 2006.
Pre-release weekend plans have been announced.
The 3rd Edition preview has begun.

White Wolf has released Nights of Reckoning on April 10th 2006.
Plans for the pre-release have been announced.
The Nights of Reckoning preview has begun.

White Wolf has announced plans for a Player's Guide and has also announced plans for Legacies of Blood.
White Wolf has started the Legacies of Blood preview.

White Wolf has announced that the next full expansion will be
Kindred Most Wanted to be released in February of 2005.
White Wolf has started a preview of Kindred Most Wanted.

White Wolf has announced two 10th Anniversary Edition Sets to be released December 13th, 2004.

White Wolf has announced a collaboration with CCG Workshop to bring V:TES online play into reality.

White Wolf has announced a Gehenna expansion for May 2004.
Previews for Gehenna have begun.
Scrye magazine #71 has a copy of the promo-only card Anthelios, the Red Star.

White Wolf has announced The Black Hand and released it November 17th, 2003.
Steve Wieck made an announcement about the future release schedule.
White Wolf has begun the Black Hand preview.

White Wolf has announced an Anarchs set and released it May 19, 2003.
White Wolf has started the Anarchs preview.

White Wolf has released a new Camarilla Edition on August 19, 2002.
White Wolf has started previewing the Camarilla Edition.
Here is the Camarilla Edition check list as posted in Game Trade Magazine.

White Wolf has released a third expansion, Bloodlines in December 2001.

White Wolf released the Final Nights expansion in June 2001.

White Wolf has issued a press release about the game on 3/31/2000,
and have subsequently released a new set, Sabbat War.
Sabbat War sells like "crack cocaine".

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