Vampire: The Eternal Struggle

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There is a mailing list that keeps track of all official rulings by the official
VTES Net Representative, L. Scott Johnson.
It is maintained at

The New Rules Team Rulings as of
6/23/98, 7/7/98, 9/28/98,
1/5/99, 7/12/99, 10/1/99, 12/6/99,
5/1/00, 10/20/00, 7/11/01, 05/01/02,
05/19/03, 05/01/04, 12/02/04, 07/07/07,
08/08/08, 09/09/09, 12/02/11 and 04/22/13.

The Vampire: Elder Kindred Network has collected all of the rulings here:

These are the changes with the release of Kindred Most Wanted.
This document contains the new rules or changed rules.

These are the changes with the release of the 10th anniversary sets.

These are the changes with the release of Sabbat War.

These are the changes with the release of Final Nights.

There are a number of new terms and rules mechanics introduced with Bloodlines.
Here is a PDF file that will be distributed in the Bloodlines boxes.
Three cards in Bloodlines were misprinted, they are documented in this errata.

Here is a list of cards that have changed from their original printing,
and been reprinted. There is also a brief description of the change.

L. Scott Johnson has released a list of allies and retainers that sort them by "type".

Also archived here are the complete Errata, Rulings, and Clarifications
as of 12/07/04 from White Wolf's website.

The rulebook has changed quite a bit over the years.
Here's a copy of the Jyhad edition rulebook.
Here's a copy of it from 1998, as created/maintained by L. Scott Johnson.
Here's the rules that were on the Sabbat rules sheet.
Here's the rules that were on the Bloodlines rules sheet.
Here's a PDF file of the Camarilla Edition rulebook.
Here is a pdf file of the Anarchs rulebook.

The rulebook has been converted to HTML on the Vampire: Elder Kindred Network site.

The V:EKN tournament rules become effective on January 1, 2010.

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