South East Regional Qualifier

Atlanta, Georgia

May 2003

Three pictures from the event provided by David Quinonero Santiago.
35 participants pic 1 661kb
35 participants pic 2 758kb
Finalists .97mb
Left to Right. Matt Guinn, Ben Spaulding, David Tatu, Nate Foure, Steve Wieck.

Jordan Beall took these pictures.

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May 17th, 2003
Atlanta, Georgia

Thirty Five players gathered in Atlanta, Georgia to play in the South
East Regional Qualifier for 2003. 

 9 players from Atlanta, Georiga.
 4 players from Durham, North Carolina.
 4 players from Cincinatti, Ohio.
 3 players from Austin, Texas.
 2 players from Bangor, Maine.
 2 players from Columbia, South Carolina.
 2 players from Washington, D.C.
 1 player from Charlotte, North Carolina.
 1 player from Raleigh, North Carolina.
 1 player from Minneapolis, Minnesota.
 1 player from College Station, Texas.
 1 player from Lafayette, Louisiana.
 1 player from New Orleans, Louisiana.
 1 player from Chicago, Illinois.
 1 player from Vienna, Austria.
 1 player from Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

More newsgroup regulars than you can shake a stick at were in attendance, 
perhaps some of them will share a story or two of the event.

Euro-Brujah and Ventrue were very strong for the day.

There are 10 newly qualified people for the continental championship
events, listed in no particular order.

Matt Guinn
Nate Foure
Ben Spaulding
David Tatu
David Cherryholmes
Todd Bannister
Joshua Duffin
Oscar Garza
Eric Chiang
David Quinonero Santiago

Mike Ooi would have qualified a second time if that was permitted.

Matt Guinn of Durham, North Carolina was able to take the win in a
final that went to time (1.5 vp in the finals).

Matt	Guinn		Durham		2	8
Nate	Foure		Durham		2	8
Ben	Spaulding	Bangor		1	7.5
Stephan Wieck		Atlanta		1	6
David	Tatu		Atlanta		1	7

Deck Name: 1994 
Created By: Matt Guinn 
Description: Old School Ventrue  
Crypt: (12 cards, Min: 16, Max: 30, Avg: 5.92) 
1  Courtland Leighton  dom for pre      4,  Ventrue 
2  Emerson Bridges     DOM FOR pot PRE  8,  Ventrue, Prince 
1  Gideon Fontaine     PRE              3,  Ventrue 
1  Heather Florent     dom FOR PRE      6,  Ventrue 
1  Jazz Wentworth      dom for PRE      5,  Ventrue 
1  Ranjan Rishi        DOM for PRE      5,  Ventrue 
2  Sir Walter Nash     DOM FOR PRE      7,  Ventrue, Prince 
2  Timothy Crowley     ani dom FOR PRE  7,  Ventrue, Prince 
1  Violette Prentiss   dom PRE          4,  Ventrue 
Library: (90 cards) 
Master (16 cards) 
2  Anarch Revolt 
1  Barrens, The 
3  Blood Doll 
1  Coven, The 
3  Dreams of the Sphinx 
1  Elysium: The Arboretum 
1  Powerbase: Montreal 
1  Rumor Mill, Tabloid Newspaper, The 
1  Uptown Hunting Ground 
2  Ventrue Headquarters 
Action (13 cards) 
2  Enchant Kindred 
2  Entrancement 
7  Govern the Unaligned 
2  Graverobbing 
Action Modifier (23 cards) 
4  Awe 
3  Conditioning 
4  Daring the Dawn 
4  Freak Drive 
4  Kiss of Ra, The 
4  Voter Captivation 
Political Action (15 cards) 
2  Domain Challenge 
3  Kindred Restructure 
2  Kine Resources Contested 
4  Parity Shift 
1  Praxis Seizure: Berlin 
1  Praxis Seizure: Cairo 
2  Ventrue Justicar 
Reaction (15 cards) 
8  Deflection 
4  Second Tradition: Domain, The 
3  Wake with Evening's Freshness 
Combat (8 cards) 
8  Majesty