Vampire: The Eternal Struggle

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Deck building articles and advice have been moved to their own page.

I've had a few thoughts on strategy, deck building, and playing the game.
View those hypotheses.

There is an ongoing Gehenna Event Strategy Challenge you may want to investigate.

Val Teixeira wrote a bare basics guide to V:TES. had a universal game strategy article on Truly Playing To Win
that was brought to the V:TES world's attention by Legbiter.

Inquest Gamer Magazine printed some articles by Robert Goudie,
and they are reproduced here with their kind permission.
Day Tripper
Stagnation Damnation

Wall Decks by Derek Ray.

Playing Combat by Darby Keeney.

How to handle the Imbued by Matt Morgan and Darby Keeney.

Random Strategy articles originally posted on
Crocodile's Tongue by Dasein
Descent into Darkness by pallando

A number of people have written and collected strategy articles
over the years, and these are the pages where they are collected.

Gregory Williams has a collection at The Ash Heap.

Xian's collection.

Mark Langsdorf's collection.

The Los Angeles VTES playgroup has some strategy articles.

Asklepios of provided A guide to playing VTES.

The Duelist had a few articles on VTES over the years, and this one is still available online.
Wolfgang Baur wrote Crusade! Diablerie and Warfare Among the Sabbat in PDF format.

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