Vampire: The Eternal Struggle

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I host the Tournament Winning Deck Archive with over 2,110 Tournament Winning Decks.
The archive is also sorted by Clan, average capacity, the country / state in which they were held, and by attendance at the event.

There is a new Offline Judges Kit zip file that contains the game rules, all of the rulings, the tournament rules,
the judges guidelines, the complete card list, the complete rules reference, and The Archon. (Last updated 01.28.2011)

The official tournament calendar is hosted by V:EKN,
the Official Players' Organization, here:
Announce your event here:

The V:EKN tournament rules became effective on January 1, 2010.

Keep track of your tournaments with the Archon version 1.3.

Need a seating chart for a two round tournament? Try this one by David Tatu and Kevin Mergen.

Important Tournament Dates for 2013
North American Continental ChampionshipJune 12 - June 16, 2013Columbus, Ohio
DragonCon - US National ChampionshipAugust 30 - September 2, 2013Atlanta, Georgia
European ChampionshipOctober 4-6, 2013Stockholm, Sweden
AUSNZ ChampionshipOctober 5-6, 2013Sydney, Australia

Important Tournament Dates for 2012
North American Continental ChampionshipMay 30 - June 3, 2012Columbus, Ohio
United States ChampionshipAugust 31 - September 3, 2012Atlanta, Georgia

Important Tournament Dates for 2011
North American Continental ChampionshipJune 22-26, 2011Columbus, Ohio
Southeast Regional Qualifier for 2012September 2-4, 2011Atlanta, Georgia
United States National ChampionshipSeptember 17th, 2011New Orleans, Louisiana
Australian Continental ChampionshipOctober 1-2, 2011Adelaide, Australia
European Continental ChampionshipNovember 11-13, 2011Warsaw, Poland

Important Tournament Dates for 2010
SouthEast Regional QualifierSeptember 3-6, 2010Atlanta, Georgia
North American Continental ChampionshipSeptember 23-26, 2010New Orleans, Louisiana
European Continental ChampionshipOctober 28-30, 2010Paris, France
South-East Asia ChampionshipNovember 20-21, 2010Singapore, Singapore

Continental Championship Tournaments for 2009
North American Continental ChampionshipOctober 2nd - 4th, 2009Atlanta, Georgia, USA
European Continental ChampionshipNovember 13th - 15th, 2009Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Continental Championship tournaments in 2008
European Continental ChampionshipSeptember 18 - 21, 2008Prague, The Czech Republic
Australian Continental ChampionshipOctober 18 - 19, 2008Melbourne, Australia
North American Continental Championship/td>October 19 - 26, 2008Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Important tournament plans for 2007
European Continental ChampionshipAugust 3-5, 2007Gothenburg, SwedenEC 2007 Blog
North American Continental ChampionshipSeptember 22-23, 2007Los Angeles, CaliforniaNAC 2007 Blog
Australian Continental ChampionshipSeptember 29-30, 2007Sydney, Australia

Greater Atlanta area tournaments for 2007

There are a few people that sent me pictures from the European Championship 2002
that I attended in Vienna, Austria. They are collected here.

Here are some pictures of me from the 2003 European Championships that were held in Barcelona, Spain.

The official plans for the 2003 and 2004 European Championships have been announced,
and the schedule for all of the Continental Qualifiers and Championships is here.
Here is the list of people that are qualified for the Championship Events.
The plans for the European Championship 2003 are detailed here.

European ChampionshipsNovember 27-28, 2004Heidelberg, Germany
Finland's pictures Netherland's pictures Sweden's pictures

I like to support the tournament aspect of Vampire: The Eternal Struggle.

In order to do so, I sponsored and judged these tournaments:
Praxis Seizure: Austin 1999
Praxis Seizure: Dallas 1999
Praxis Seizure: Austin 2000
Praxis Seizure: Dallas 2000
South Central Regional Qualifier 2001: Dallas, Texas
South East Regional Qualifier 2003: Atlanta, Georgia
Four tournaments at DragonCon 2003: Atlanta, Georgia
Praxis Seizure: Atlanta 2005
Kindred Manipulation: Marietta - February 21st, 2009
Liquefy the Mortal Coil: Marietta - May 8th, 2010
Southeast Regional Qualifier: Atlanta - May 21, 2011

I sponsored and judged the Ron Spencer Tournament Series.
The series took place in Atlanta, Georgia throughout 2004.
Major Boon
Blood Tears
Wrath of the Inner Circle
Gangrel Revel

I ran all of the 6 pm tournaments, Sect War, and the Shadow Twin tournament at the
2006 North American Continental Championship that was held from October 2-8 in Atlanta, Georgia.

I have also attended these tournaments:
Judgement : Camarilla Segregation - New Orleans 1999
Praxis Seizure: Los Angeles February 2000
Hostile Takeover Atlanta May 2000
Praxis Siezure: Kansas City 2000
DragonCon 2000 in Atlanta
Origins 2000 and GenCon 2000
Tradition Upheld - New Orleans 2000
Crusade: Austin 2000
Blood Siege: Dallas 2001
Crusade: Atlanta 2001
Archon: Lafayette, Louisiana January 2002
Ascendance: Columbia, SC April 2002
War Party: Charleston, SC April 2003
The 2004 South East Regional Qualifier weekend event in Atlanta, Georgia.
The 2004 Australian Continental Championships in Newcastle, Australia.
Joe's Pizza Party Tournament: Columbia, South Carolina October 2004
Millennium Cultist Storyline Event: Atlanta November 2006
Lords of the Final Nights Draft: Atlanta January 2008
Atlanta's MiniQualifier on the 15th of March 2008.
Community Justice: Atlanta on the 12th of July 2008.
DragonCon Warmup: Charleston, SC on the 23rd of August 2008.
Nosferatu Hosting: Atlanta, GA on the 20th of December, 2008.
Kindred Restructure: Charlotte, North Carolina on the 16th of July, 2011.
Atlanta Celebrates the 7/7 Anniversary in Decatur on the 7th of July 2012.

The Road to the 2001 Continental Championships
The Regional Qualifying Tournaments
New Jersey
Los Angeles
Columbus (Origins)
Milwaukee (GenCon)

Those who qualified to compete at the North American Championships 2001.
2001 North American Championship Results

The Vampire: Elder Kindred Network has announced the locations and dates
for the 2002 North American Championship Events,
and the people on this page qualified to play in the event.
This is the page of results for the 2002 Championship.

There is a new V:EKN Storylines website.

The Vampire: Elder Kindred Network held a series of Storyline tournaments,
and introductions and aftermaths are recorded here.

The V:EKN and White Wolf held a second set of Storyline Tournaments in November 2002.
This set was based on the Eye of Hazimel.

The third series of storyline tournaments was held in September of 2003, Lambach's Legion.
The results are here.

Another storyline event was the Prophecies League.

The 2004 storyline event was the Infernal Plague,
which featured Barbaro Lucchese and Port Authority.
Here is The Epilogue for the Infernal Plague storyline event.

The Infernal Plague: The Return of Nergal storyline event took place in October 2005.

The Millennium Cultist storyline event occurs during November 2006 - January 2007.

The 2008 Summer storyline event is Anarchs and Alastors.
This Storyline League will take place during September, October, and November 2008.

The NAC 2008 Storyline rules and fiction have been announced.

The Fall 2009 Eden's Legacy Storyline completed in December.

The Spring 2010 Storyline has been announced as Battle Lines.

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