Vampire: The Eternal Struggle

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For those who prefer a more active card text search, like that of a database to the lists hosted on the Card Lists page, try by Archibald Zimonyi, Secret Library by Jussi Hattara, VTES Checklist by Tony Fontenot, My VTES Card App by Ross Ridge, or V:TES Hook by Kai Kimmerle.

The original V:TES web utility was the Monger Utilities by Ethan Burrow, but it is no longer maintained, receiving its last update with Twilight Rebellion.

If you would like a downloadable executable, the original was David Davila's Elder Library - Deck Builder.
It is no longer supported with a current database or new programming.

There are a few ELDB alternatives, one called the Anarch Revolt Deck Builder, AKA ARDB, by Francois Gombault
has been updated by Graham Smith, with application and database files here:
Fragment of the Elder Library Deck Builder, AKA FELDB, by Bala.
Sutekh is very similar and has packages for Linux and Windows.

There are a number of other web utilities that do not have to do with deck archiving or card text lookup.
There is a card drawing simulator by Ira Fay that will help you decide how many copies of a critical card to put in your deck.
Last, but certainly not least, is the Archon which will allow you to document and organize a V:TES tournament.
There is also an Open Office version of the Archon available.

Last Updated September 16th, 2012 by The Lasombra