Vampire: The Eternal Struggle

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Game Variants

There have been a number of different proposals for single session variants.
Multi-session variants or leagues, have been moved to the Leagues page.

V:EKN records Build Your Own Storyline Events on this page which has ~20 events.

Local Storyline Events - Variants
Direct Intervention by Fyshboy
From the Ashes a Leader will Rise by Dan Coleman
Reverse the Curse: Boston by Jozxyqk
Ignatius Wainwright: Boston by Jozxyqk
Anarch Free State Cambridge by Slytherin
Finding the Path, Chicago by Eric Simon
Identity Theft by Neil Paananen
The End is Nigh by ujtg
Rise of the Palladium by Decebalus
Storyline: Sao Paulo
Welcome to the magic of Turin by RavATwoFaces
Laibon Storyline by Val Teixeira
San Francisco Nights
Battle of Los Angeles
The Winter of Our Discontent - Sydney, Australia
Power Struggle: Gelsenkirchen
What Lies Beneath

The Clan Elders by Lasombra.

The Create a clan variant by Ben Peal.
The results of the first tournament using these rules are here.
Seattle held a Create a Clan event as well.

Ben Peal and crew updated their rules for a 2007 Create-a-Clan event.

DragonCon 2004 hosted a Create a Clan event, using LSJ's revised rules.
Oscar Garza won that DragonCon 2004 event using the South Texas Drunks.
Joe Churchill created the best new clan at the DragonCon 2004 event,
the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad Clan.

Bochum, Germany also held a create a clan event, using these rules and decks.

The Ash Heap archives two more Clans using the Create-A-Clan rules.

V:TES Norway hosts 9 Create-A-Clan galleries.

Ropecon has used the Create-A-Clan rules as updated by Jussi Hattara.

City Struggles by Eius P.

Hot Sects in Boston 2006 by Josh "Jozxyqk" Feuerstein.

The Duffin Draft by Josh Duffin.
Texas Draft, i.e. Duffin Draft to the next level by the Austin, Texas playgroup.

The Swainbank Draft by Ben Swainbank.

The Internal Recursion draft format is based on Swainbank Draft.

VP format by the San Francisco Bay Area V:TES players.

Prehensile Tail Variant of V:TES by Ian Lee.

Variable Resource VTES format by Daneel.

Blood Siege by Chris, Thrall of Arika.

Protect the Elder by Reyda Seddiki.

Reunion Island by Frédéric POREAUX.

DP:TES, a two player variant by Derek Ray.

Fauxtes, a two player variant by David Wilson.

Team Tournament by Chris Berger.

Melbourne Fight Club by Blood Brother Dave.

"Talbot's Chainsaw" warzone rules by

The Malkavian Wheel tournament variant by SabbatInFrance.

The Clan Disadvantage variant by Legendre.

Z-TES by R. David Zopf.

The End-Game 2/3 player variant by Legbiter.

V:TES for Two Players by Mike Perlman.

The Rapid Thought alternate tournament rules by L. Scott Johnson.

The Rapid Thought (Revised) tournament rules as updated by Kevin Mergen and Pascal Bertrand.

Toy Chest Test by L. Scott Johnson.

The Methuselah Myth by L. Scott Johnson.

The Draft Rules by L. Scott Johnson.

How to play RA with V:TES cards by L. Scott Johnson.

The Phased Motion Format by L. Scott Johnson.

The Elder Hand variant by Andrew S. Davidson, with modifications by L. Scott Johnson.

The Succubus Sealed draft variant by Andrew S. Davidson.

The Survivor format by Damien Hennessy.

The Vampire Wrestling Federation Format by Alex Broadhead aka wumpus.

The Honour the Elders tournament format by Skaffen Amtiskaw.

The Minion's Hand variant by Arden McBathan.

The Story Time tournament modifications by Gomi No Sensei (and others).

Some non-standard tournament variants by Derek Rawlings.
Some more non-standard tournament ideas by Jeff Kuta.

Campaign by Night by Jeff Kuta.

Deckbot's two player variant by Jeff Kuta.

Undead Trump by Salem.

The Truly Eternal Struggle variant by Salem.

The Faction Struggle storyline variant by Salem.

Time of Judgement league by Chris Shorb.

Mark A. Wiker's minor variants.

Chaos Jyhad by Rob LeGood.

Small Town by Jason Smith.

Paul Strack wrote a Rage / Jyhad Crossover variant.

Mike Miller wrote a different Rage / Jyhad crossover variant.

The One Big Deck, Draw 3 Pick 1 variant by Meej.

The One Library, Multiple Stacks variant by Rehlow.

The Event Deck variant by Suoli.

The Common Pot variant by floppyzedolfin.

The Deal with the Devil variant by Pascal Bertrand.

The Communal Deck variant by gymim.

Last Updated December 2nd, 2012 by The Lasombra