Clan Elders

Rules Variant for Vampire: the Eternal Struggle

All of the vampires in your crypt must be of generation 6 or older.

All of the vampires in your crypt must be of the same clan. You may NOT combine Sabbat and Camarilla Clans.

You will receive 6 transfers per turn and start the game with 30 pool, (transfers still work up from 1- 1,2,3,4,5,6,6,6,6).

You will start the game with six pool worth of Clan Specific Master Cards, Clan Specific Allies, or Clan Specific Equipment in play. If a card does not have the specific clan symbol that you are playing on it you may NOT start the game with it in play. If the card does not require pool to bring into play you may NOT start the game with it in play UNLESS IT IS UNIQUE. These cards will be separate from your deck, and will enter play at the beginning of your first turn.

If you choose to start with Clan Specific Equipment your vampires must still take actions to acquire it. This action will be at the usual +1 stealth.

If you choose to start with a Clan Specific Master Card that must be played on a minion, you must play it on one of the vampires in your starting crypt.

All requirements to bring a card into play are assumed to be met for the starting cards. For example, if you choose War Ghouls, they are not sacrificed to themselves. But, all War Ghouls brought into play during the rest of the game must meet the normal requirements of sacrificing a retainer or an ally.

You library may contain no more than 90 cards.

Inner Circle members can use all cards requiring "Prince or Justicar". For example, they may play all 6 Tradition cards and call the Archon vote or other votes requiring "Prince or Justicar". ~~~~~WOTC's ruling that Inner Circle members do not qualify for these actions is silly as Inner Circle members create Justicars and give them their authority in the role-playing game and should therefore be able to do everything that a Justicar can.

(certain cards become a lot more useful or see a lot more use in this environment, for example: Fear of Mekhet, Temptation of Greater Power, The Signet of King Saul)

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