Vampire: The Eternal Struggle

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"Common Pot" Variant

About a year before HttB, I organized a tournament with special rules
(that is, a non-constructed tournament).

The special rules were as follows:

- At the beginning of the game, before drawing her hand, each
Methuselah picks 3 cards from her library and places them face down in
the middle of the table. These cards must be cards that go to the ash
heap as they resolve. (No Pentex, no .44 Magnum, no Conviction, no
Steely Tenacity, no Echo of Harmonies, ..)
The "middle of the table" will be referred to as "common pot" /
"common fields".

- Any player may play a card from the common pot as if it were in her

- If a player plays a card from the common pot, it is moved to a
private pot in front of that player instead of her ash heap.

- A player cannot play a card from her private pot, but a player can
play a card in another player's private pot, as if it were in her

- If a player plays a card from another player's private pot, it is
move to this player's private pot instead of her ash heap.

- When a player is ousted, she takes back all her cards from common
and private pots (even those that are in other players' private pots).

- When a player is ousted, all remaining Methuselahs can go through
their library and add a card that matches the previous criteria to the
common pot. Shuffle library afterwards.

This rule was appreciated by players, and it did help some "less
obvious cards" to get played. Of course, if you're having a Deflection
in there, it might be used against you in the end. But if you're
having your special thanatosis / anarch / black hand card in there,
who else is going to use it?

If someone wants to play this, there's a little something about the
"infinite loops" that they must know:
If the game is in a state that it has already reached before, then
taking the move that would recreate the loop isn't allowed. Classic
example is hunting with Henry Taylor, getting blocked by a Magaji,
playing Earth Meld, and doing it again.

Applied to these alternative rules, the problem might happen with
combat cards.
If Flash is in the common pot, and Flash A uses it to go to long
range, and then player B uses it to go to close range, the state of
the game isn't the same as previously (Flash is now in front of A and
not in the common pot). So A can use Flash to go to long range, but B
could not use it again to come back to close range.

If Flash were in front of B, and A uses it to go to long range, B can
use it to go to close range, and A can't use it.

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