Various variants to Jyhad

Mark A. Wiker ( suggested the following variants. Email any questions to him.

Clan Hostilities

Each Methuselah chooses a clan. Methuselahs may not choose the same clan. Each Methuselah’s crypt is comprised of the fifteen vampires of their chosen clan (no multiples of a given vampire are permitted). Each deck must contain the maximum number of cards as per the rules. Only Master: Skill cards with the disciplines integral to the chosen clan may be included in a Methuselah’s deck. The first Methuselah ousted has first choice of clan for the next Clan Game.


Each player starts the game with X minions whose capacities total 20. Each Methuselah simultaneously flips their vampires or minions over into the ready region when play starts. Contested cards occur as normal. Every player still has a crypt per the rules, but their blood pools are reduced to 15 (10). (This optional rule can be controlled in one of two ways: 1. Vampires must be 4 or older; 2. Only 2 vampires per Methuselah’s crypt may have the same capacity; 3. Set X equal to 3, 4, or 5.)

Lucky Draw

Take your deck and split it into two equal portions. You may choose which cards to put into each half. Shuffle and cut the portions separately and then place one on top of the other. You now have a ready deck with certain cards that have a greater chance of appearing in the first part of the game.

Methuselah Dyad

When four, six, or eight Methuselahs are playing, play as cooperative pairs. Friendly players sit across from each other. The partners can help each other in a variety of optional ways:

The Edge Edged

Spend the Edge for any/some of the following: You cannot regain the Edge for a successful bleed while using any above modifiers during your turn, except when spending the Edge for a vote.